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Sarah A. Mustillo

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Email: smustillo |at| purdue.edu
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Associate Professor of Sociology

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B.A. University of Notre Dame Sociology
M.A. Duke University Sociology
Ph.D. Duke University Sociology

Research Interests

Child mental health and mental health treatment, longitudinal quantitative methodology, and family well-being


Mustillo S, Dorsey S, and Burns BJ. Forthcoming. "Parent Depression and Child Mental Health: The Mediating Effects of Abuse and Neglect." Journal of Marriage and Family.

Schafer M, Ferraro K, and Mustillo S. Forthcoming "Children of Misfortune: Early Adversity and Cumulative Inequality in Perceived Life Trajectories." American Journal of Sociology.

Loftus J, Kelly B, and Mustillo S. Forthcoming. "Depressive Symptoms among Adolescent Girls in Relationships with Older Partners: Causes and Lasting Effects?" Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

Farmer EMZ, Mustillo S, Wagner HR, Burns BJ, Kolko DJ, Barth RP, Leslie L. 2010. "Multi-sector Service Use for Mental Health Problems by Youth in Contact with Child Welfare." Child and Youth Services Review. 32:815-821.

Stambaugh, L.F., Southerland, D., Mustillo, S.A., & Burns, B.J. 2010. Service System Involvement and Severity of Delinquent Offending at System of Care Entry. Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research. 37:307-21.

Frenk, S. M., Mustillo, S. A., Foy, S. L., Arroyave, W. D., Hooten, E. G., Lauderback, K. H., & Meador, K. G. (2013). Psychotropic medication claims among religious clergy. Psychiatric Quarterly, 84(1), 27-37.

Frenk, S. M., Mustillo, S. A., Hooten, E. G., & Meador, K. G. (2013). The clergy occupational distress index (CODI): Background and findings from two samples of clergy. Journal of Religion and Health, 52, 397-407.

Loftus, J., Kelly, B., & Mustillo, S. (2013). Predictors of entry into age-discordant relationships among adolescent girls Deviant Behavior, 34, 513-533.

Mustillo, S, Hendrix, K, & Schafer, M. (2012). Trajectories of body mass and self concept in black and white girls: The lingering effects of stigma. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 53, 2-16.

Mustillo, S, Landerman, L. R., & Land, K. (2012). Modeling longitudinal count data: Testing for group differences in growth trajectories using average marginal effects. Sociological Methods and Research, 41, 467-487.

Mustillo, S. (2012). The effects of auxiliary variables on coefficient bias and efficiency in multiple imputation. Sociological Methods and Research, 41, 335-361.

Mustillo, T., & Mustillo, S. (2012). Electoral performance in a multilevel context: Testing nationalization and volatility using random effects. Electoral Studies, 31, 422-433.

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