Transformative Education

Purdue is at the forefront of innovation in delivering higher education, both inside and outside the classroom, giving students access to some of the most effective and modern teaching and learning approaches that better prepare them for real-world careers. Scroll down for some examples.

64% Enrollment Surge for Purdue Polytechnic

Degree in 3

Purdue’s latest value-added initiative — bachelor of arts degrees in three years — gives students a new, money-saving educational option.

Three-year degrees are available in more than 20 majors within the College of Liberal Arts, enabling students to avoid a fourth year of tuition, fees and housing costs, and start earning and saving money one year sooner than most of their peers.

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Video Highlights

New center supports student-centric learning experiences

ZipTrips provide virtual field trips to Purdue

Wilmeth Acrive Learning Center

Active learning takes center stage at Purdue

More than ever before, Purdue students take classes that challenge them to dive in and get involved in learning. It’s called active learning, and it’s the opposite of traditional classes that have featured a teacher leading seated, silent students taking notes.

Situated in the heart of campus, The Wilmeth Active Learning Center will be the hub of Purdue’s active learning activities that involve team problem solving, group projects, role playing and other hands-on, interactive learning. When it opens in early August 2017, it will house classes and study spaces, as well as libraries for several academic areas. It also will feature the Au Bon Pain Café Bakery.

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