Degree in 3

With the opportunity to accelerate their college education, students can reach their goals in the job market or advanced learning more quickly and efficiently with Purdue’s expanding options for three-year degrees. Degree-in-three offers interested students a way to launch their careers more quickly and affordably, while still gaining meaningful co-curricular experience and fulfilling the same degree requirements as their peers. 


  • Expand three-year degree plans of study for undergraduates across the Purdue system. 

Major Milestones

  • Purdue’s 3-year degrees are now offered for 55+ majors across its 11 colleges, with potential tuition savings for students of up to $19,000+. 
  • The College of Liberal Arts, which successfully introduced its Degree in 3 program in 2017, has expanded its three-year degrees to virtually all liberal arts majors.