The Career Advising Council: Origins, Purposes, and Goals

By Colleen E. Brown, Academic Advisor CLA & Career Council Member

Which came first – the chicken or the egg?  This age-old question is similar to what many students face when thinking about the relationship between their college majors and their eventual career paths upon graduation.  Do I know what I want to be ‘when I grow up’ and then pick a major to fit that goal?  Or do I pick a major and eventually find my career path as I move through my program?

The answer to these and other student career- related questions may lie in the extent to which our students think about their career development early, often, and effectively.  In order to assist students in these endeavors, it is essential that the academic advising community have access to the latest career information as well as up-to-date tools and techniques so we can better assist students on this journey.  Toward this end, a Career Advising Council was formed consisting of academic...


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College Men and Masculinity

Advisor: Why do you think last semester’s academic performance was so poor?

Student: I have some deep-seeded insecurities relating to my performance of masculine stereotypes that really holds me back. I feel that asking questions in class shows weakness and partying excessively in the evenings demonstrates my strength. Duh!

Life in student services and advising would be much simpler if our day-to-day interactions played out like this but we all know it is never this easy. Commonly, students do not understand what root cause is affecting their performance. As an academic advisor who works primarily high-ability/honors students, my interactions with collegiate men are extremely varied. I have become increasingly intrigued by the complexity of masculinity and its effect on college men. With the support of a PACADA Professional Development Grant, I attended to the Conference on College Men in May 2013 to help explore this important...


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New Faces in the College of Agriculture

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Boiler Gold Rush International

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PACADA Award Winner: Brooke Linn

Communications committee member Sheila Hurt interviewed Brooke Linn, winner of PACADA’s 2013 Outstanding New Professional Award

This year’s winner of PACADA’s Outstanding New Professional Award, Brooke Linn, has something of a split personality (career-wise, at least). While she loves her job as an advisor in the College of Pharmacy, she also puts in time every day pursuing her dream of being a published author. When we talked about her career path so far, it became clear that she is on two paths simultaneously that occasionally intersect in interesting ways.

I asked Brooke about her childhood dreams, and what she thought she wanted to be when she grew up. She said that when she was in kindergarten, she wanted to be a cheerleader. Throughout elementary and middle school, her dreams turned more towards writing and teaching. By high school, she planned to be a lawyer. She attended Purdue and started out majoring in Management, thinking that would help her own...


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PACADA Award Winner: Cara Wetzel

Communications committee member Paul Birkhimer interviewed Cara Wetzel, winner of PACADA’s 2013 Outstanding Advisor Award

“Outstanding In Her Field”

Or, as the pun-loving Cara Wetzel would say, “Out standing in her field”.  But being awarded PACADA’s Outstanding Academic Advisor Award is no joke to Wetzel.  Since beginning her employment on the Purdue campus in 1997, Cara has always wanted to make an impact on students.  As Assistant Director in the Undergraduate Studies Program, she is able to make this impact not only when she meets with students one-to-one, but also inside her EDPS 105 classroom, where bad jokes help her to make good connections.

This year’s Outstanding Academic Advisor didn’t have a career in academic advising as her goal.  When she shares this information with her exploratory students in USP, it provides another opportunity to make a connection and impact students.  “I want to make a difference in students’...


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An Interview with Sandy Monroe: Director of University Undergraduate Advising

An Interview with Sandy Monroe:

Director of University Undergraduate Advising

By Danielle Gilbert and Jennifer Radecki

 Sandy Monroe’s connection to Purdue was forged early.  A daughter of Seymour, IN farmers, she sought out the diversity and opportunity she wasn’t receiving at a small Chicago university by transferring to Purdue.  The change afforded her access to excellent advising and experiences, culminating in the opportunity to be the first student from Purdue to complete an Indiana University-sponsored student teaching semester on a Navajo Indian Reservation.  There she learned what it was like to be a minority, how to fully respect another’s culture, and what the 24/7 lives of her students really entailed.  Her commitment to teaching was solidified and she graduated with a B.A. in Social Studies Education.

Afterwards, Sandy dove into a Purdue graduate degree in counseling (College Student Personnel). ...


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The Latest on the Honors College

Purdue’s new Honors College will welcome its first group of freshmen fall 2013.  The growth from the University Honors Program into a separate college has been an exciting process and has produced many changes including new requirements, new staff, a new location, and shifting from a non-residential to a residential program.

Although the UHP requirement of 24 academic credits will remain, the components of the 24 credits will change. For example, all new students will take a one credit honors class both semesters their freshman year. Later on, before graduation, they will complete a scholarly activity or thesis. Students will continue to have co-curricular opportunities like community building activities and leadership activities, some of which will be embedded in HONR classes.

As part of the move to a residential model, the Honors College offices will relocate from Beering Hall to Windsor Hall. First year Honors College students who live in the university residence...


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Teacher Education at Purdue

Teacher Education at Purdue


Purdue’s Teacher Education Program consists of a unique partnership among six different colleges. Teacher education students share several foundational education classes as agreed upon by all the colleges involved. However, because Purdue also wants teachers to have a strong knowledge of their content areas, each college has developed its own program requirements. Each major is usually housed in the college which contains the content area.

For advisors, this means that program requirements for each of the 16 teaching majors could be quite different and that CODO requirements will vary by college. The list below provides a quick reference of which college to contact for each teaching major. This website  contains links to plans of study...


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A Boilermaker Dream Come True: Student to Staff member of The Purdue Musical Organizations

In 2005, Lance Connolly began his journey to Purdue University from the small town of Rushville, IN. During Lance’s time here as a student he was an active member of Purdue’s Varsity Glee Club serving as Chairman of the Purdusirs his senior year. Being part of this organization proved to be some of the best experiences he had as a student. Lance was able to learn valuable time management skills while working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. When asked how he managed it all, he simply stated, “The Mortarboard,” utilizing this simple organizational tool, allowed Lance to manage his daily rehearsals with the Varsity Glee Club, academics, and traveling the world to such places as South Africa performing shows with the Purdue Musical Organizations (PMO).

While, being a student and part of the Varsity Glee Club was truly rewarding in itself, his experiences did not stop there. In 2009, Lance graduated from Purdue and joined the PMO staff...


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