Purdue Academic Advising Association (PACADA)

Welcome to the Purdue Academic Advising Association (PACADA)! Now in our 30th year, PACADA is one of the oldest National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) allied organizations.

The goals of PACADA in 1987 were to promote quality advising, advance the professional development of members, and bring awareness of the advising profession to the campus community. Those goals haven’t changed, but over the past three decades, we have evolved to serve as a unifying organization for student services professionals at Purdue. Our membership currently includes individuals from academic advising, orientation, admissions, counseling, financial aid, wellness, the Registrar, Student Success, the Dean of Students, and many others.

PACADA offers multiple opportunities for growth and development to our members:

  • The Annual PACADA Fall Retreat. We just celebrated 30 years of PACADA in 2017!
  • Guest speakers and lectures on timely topics
  • The PACADA email listserv
  • PACADA committee membership
  • The PACADA Professional Mentoring Program
  • The possibility of being recognized with a PACADA Advising Award
  • Potential professional development funding with a PACADA Grant
  • The chance to deliver a presentation at PACADA Presents
  • Being a united voice for changeswithinthe university
  • Regular connection with colleagues across campus

If you haven’t already, I sincerely hope you’ll consider joining PACADA. The organization has remained vital for so many years because our members are dedicated to their professions and to Purdue students. Come along with us as we celebrate the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future!

Jen Fecher
PACADA Chair, 2017-2018

Mission and Vision

The purpose of the Purdue Academic Advising Association (PACADA) is to promote the quality of academic advising at Purdue University, and to this end, it is dedicated to the support and professional growth of academic advising and advisors. PACADA serves its constituency – faculty members, administrators, counselors, academic advisors, graduate students, and others in academic and student affairs concerned with the intellectual, personal, and vocational needs of students. It is the forum for discussion, debate, and the exchange of ideas regarding academic advising with other areas and activities of higher education. PACADA is the representative and advocate of academic advising and academic advisors of Purdue University.

PACADA History & By-Laws

Purdue’s Guide to Advising Resource Site

Purdue Academic Advising Association