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Nicole Noel

Nicole Noel (College of Pharmacy): I would like to nominate Nicole Noel for "Thumbs Up." Nicole is a medication therapy management specialist. One of my staff recently discovered how the new policy on brand name versus generic medications was going to impact him for 2013. His first prescription bill was more than $2,000. His doctor prescribed brand name drugs after many years of trial and error using generic with no positive results. These brand name drugs give him the ability to function without adverse reactions that can result in time off of work due to doctor visits, and at times, hospitalization. Nicole eagerly stepped in to help and directed him on the path to contacting Medco/Express Scripts to facilitate an appeal process of the policy to ensure he could afford his medications he so desperately needs. She came to our facility to be able to speak in person, fill out papers, and make phone calls on his behalf. The outcome has been favorable and a huge relief to him and his family. I feel we have an undeniably, enthusiastic, bright, and compassionate resource in Nicole. -- Erin McDuffee (Shreve Residence Hall)