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You will improve your professional skills by assessing your current competencies, identifying areas for improvement, and participating in a series of on and off-campus activities relevant to those skills. All participants will meet with a panel of engineering professionals twice a semester to build their networks, review individual goals, and refine leadership strategies.

The goal of the program is to foster the professional formation of engineers (PFEs) at Purdue University. Participants build professional skills and earn points by completing various activities, and writing a short reflection on that activity -- earn 7 points, and you'll receive a Leadership Award!

This is a truly customized experience -- you get to choose the skills you'll work on and the activities you'll take part in! But don't worry -- we're here to help guide your leadership experience from start to finish.

Program activities range in difficulty and length, so each is weighted differently.  For example, you could choose to volunteer at a local organization for 20 hours and earn 1 point, or hold a leadership position in a student club for 2 points! You can also earn points for Legacy Activities, or activities you've completed in the 6 months prior to your enrollment in the LDP. Be sure to review the Program Resources page, where you'll find the Activities Weighting Rubric, and other program documents.

Here's a breakdown of the steps:

  1. First, take the Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz to identify current competencies and areas to improve, and use the results to create your Personal Development Plan (PDP).  Your PDP will outline the skills you'll build and the activities in which you'll participate to cultivate them.
  2. When building your plan, refer to the Activities Weighting Rubric to select potential events or experiences, and outline your path to 7 points!
  3. Finally, use the Activity Reflection Prompt to evaluate what you’ve gained from each activity upon completion.
  4. When you've earned at least 7 points, write a Program Reflection, and you're eligible to earn an award!

When you’ve completed the program, you’ll earn your Leadership Award and receive recognition from MEERCat: the Mechanical Engineering Education Research Center at Purdue

Take a look at the LDP Program Manual for more details, or email us at me-ldp@purdue.edu with specific questions!


The LDP is open to any Mechanical Engineering student at Purdue who maintains good academic standing and has at least 1 semester remaining before graduation. Students must meet the program requirements within 2 semesters* in order to complete the program and receive their Leadership Award. Program enrollment for Fall 2019 ends on 9/13/2019, however the program is capped at 50 students (accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis). To enroll in the LDP, complete and submit a Statement of Intent form.

*Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances.


If you’ve earned 7 points, and received a passing mark on your Program Reflection, you’re eligible for your Leadership Award. Great work! Fill out the Verification of Completion form as the last step. Once you’ve earned your award, please take this survey so we can get your feedback and improve the program.