Photography and Video Services

Capture the moment. Powerful photos and videos are key tools for reaching your target audiences. Let us help create strategic visuals that will connect with your audiences and leave a lasting impression. 

  • Events
  • Portraits (check out the Getting Ready for a Portrait guide below)
  • Live action
  • Full creative concept development for videos
  • Media relations videos

Closed Captioning Policy as of 12/07/2015

Closed captioning (CC) is the client’s responsibility and we offer CC as a service Marketing and Media can provide.

We use 3Play Media for CC and moving forward will include this cost on all video estimates as a line item. The charge is $2.50/minute.

We strongly suggest that all video content that we produce and post for our clients is closed captioned.

If the client chooses not to close caption and if there are any issues or questions from the University’s Office of Ethics and Compliance or anyone else, we will refer whoever has issues back to the client so they can explain their decision not to CC.

If the client chooses not to CC with us through 3Play, we can post their video on YouTube. YouTube will CC video that is posted — but it often has errors that need to be corrected.


Getting ready for a portrait

The most important guideline for a portrait or headshot session is to be comfortable. You want to look your best to represent yourself, your department and the University. This applies to what you wear, what shoes you put on and how you style your hair. If you feel comfortable, you will look comfortable. Your confidence will show in the camera. 

Now take a deep breath, smile and relax.

Wear something simple and that fits well. Solid colors are best. Pastels and softer, cooler colors (such as blues) for attire are a good choice because they create a nice contrast with skin tones. A soft color next to your face is almost always flattering.

Blouses or tops with sleeves at least to the elbow work best. You can always bring a spare shirt. If this is a casual portrait, Purdue shirts are fine.

We suggest avoiding red and shirts with large logos, graphics or marks. 

Jewelry should be kept very simple so it doesn’t detract from your face. Scarves can be tricky to drape correctly.

Do your hair the way you’d normally wear it. Bring a brush or comb to the shoot. A tissue or handkerchief may come in handy as well.

If you wear makeup, choose natural and soft colors that you would normally wear to work.

If this is an environmental or lab shot, wear the correct safety items required in your lab setting (eye protection, closed-toe shoes, lab coat, etc.).

Click here to download a printable version of this guide.

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