Who We Are

We are storytellers. From public relations to internal communications to marketing, branding, sponsorships and advertising, we work to use a variety of channels to have your target audience understand your story and act upon it to achieve your goals.

  • Our Purpose — To oversee internal and external marketing and communications for Purdue University.
  • Our Mission — To tell the story of Purdue University to the world.
  • Our Vision — To be the highest-quality, most efficient, best-valued and trendsetting marketing team in higher education.

Marketing and Media Areas

150th Sesquicentennial Celebration

Main Contact: Kelly Hiller, khiller@purdue.edu

Brand, Advertising and Sponsorships

Main Contact: Emily Blue, emilyblue@purdue.edu

Content Marketing Operations

Main Contact: Melanie Hahn-Greene, hahnm@purdue.edu

Creative Services

Main Contact: R. Ethan Braden, ethanbraden@purdue.edu

Digital Marketing

Main Contact: Mike Willis, jmwillis@purdue.edu

Guest Relations

Main Contact: Mary King, king36@purdue.edu

Market Research

Main Contact: R. Ethan Braden, ethanbraden@purdue.edu

Marketing Strategy

Main Contact: Tammy Weaver-Stoike, weaverst@purdue.edu

News Service

Main Contact: Jim Bush, jsbush@purdue.edu


Main Contact: Lorri Foster, lorrifoster@purdue.edu

Purdue Today

Main Contact: Valerie O'Brien, vobrien@purdue.edu

Strategic Communications

Main Contact: Julie Rosa, jrosa@purdue.edu

Trademarks and Licensing

Main Contact: Erika Austin, elaustin@purdue.edu


Main Contact: Richard Miles, miles56@purdue.edu

Our Partners

You get the best value in printing because we partner with Purdue Print and Digital Services delivered by Xerox. Together, we get competitive pricing and manage your project with the vendor so you don't have to. We also have freelance partners — we call this "strategic sourcing" — who provide additional support and expertise.