Research Publications – Horticulture Business

Research Publications

Are local market relationships undermining organic fruit and vegetable certification? A bivariate probit analysis

Business and Marketing Practices of US Landscape Firms


Identifying Drivers of Organic Decertification: An Analysis of Fruit and Vegetable Farmers

Does social capital pay off? The case of small business resilience after Hurricane Katrina

Looking at Economic and Noneconomic Drivers of Farm Diversification

Evaluating the Business and Owner Characteristics Influencing the Adoption of Online Advertising Strategies in the Green Industry

Investigating the Drivers of Farm Diversification Among U.S. Fruit and Vegetable Operations

Work in progress
  1. Characterization of the US market for melons
  2. For Millennials and Gen Z, farm-to-fork is not organic
  3. Understanding the economic benefits of PGRs for landscape maintenance
  4. One Size Does Not Fit All: A Characterization of the Organic Certification Status
  5. Economic Analysis of Grafting in Tomatoes
  6. The Economic Implications of Social Capital on Hispanic Entrepreneurship. In Progress
  7. The Marketing Barriers and Opportunities of Indiana Specialty Crop Growers: An Analysis of Extension Educators Perceptions. In progress
  8. Identifying Market Opportunities for Fruit and Vegetable Farmers: An Overview to Indiana Fresh Market Retailers' Preferences. In progress