Teaching – Horticulture Business


Principles of Marketing and Management of Horticultural Businesses

Credit Hours: 4.00. Principles of marketing and business management in the horticultural industries; market organization, performance, and planning; financial planning, pricing, promotion, cost control, and legal aspects of retailing. Case studies in direct farm, floral, and garden center management. Typically offered Fall.

Course Objectives:
  1. To become critical thinkers;
  2. To gain an understanding of marketing principles and theory;
  3. To develop an understanding of marketing information available to horticulture industry professionals and how this information can be used;
  4. To identify the four kinds of resources managers use;
  5. To develop an understanding of financial terminology sufficiently to communicate with financial professionals and make informed decisions;
  6. To construct and use an income statement, balance sheet, strategic profitability model, and cash flow budget;
  7. To establish a level of confidence in creating a business plan as a tool to assess, create, and communicate a business concept; and
  8. To understand how to manage people in the workplace.


Strategic Analysis Of Horticultural Production And Marketing - Capstone

Credit Hours: 1.00. Based on an approved work experience at a commercial horticultural enterprise, students will explore the management, operational and horticultural setting and strategies used by that enterprise and then submit a comprehensive Enterprise Analysis. A computer-aided oral presentation based on specific aspects of the enterprise and the student’s work experience is also required. Typically offered Spring.