Toddler Word Learning Study

What is this study about?

We are exploring how children learn language before they enter school. We plan to follow families as their children grow from age 32 months to four years. Families who take part will help us learn about the many ways children can succeed at language learning. We also hope to improve the ability to identify which children should receive additional support before school.

Our study uses different tasks like watching short videos, playing games, and solving puzzles over three years to help us learn more about how children learn language!

Why participate?

You will have the opportunity to learn about your child’s language skills over time. You will be compensated up to $370 for participating across the entire study. Taking part also contributes valuable information that can help children and families in the future! Families can also have the opportunity to consult with a Speech-Language Pathologist to receive feedback about your child’s language development.

Taking part is convenient with flexible schedule for research center visits and some parts of the study can be completed from home. Free parking is also provided.

Who can participate?

Families with a child 27 to 32 months who is:

  • Learning English at home
  • May identify as a racial or ethnic minority
  • Has standard hearing and vision
  • Does not have any diagnosed cognitive or neurological issues

Please reach out to the study team directly by contacting the study team at or 765-496-7547 (Indianapolis team) or 765-496-0427 (West Lafayette team) if you are interested in taking part in this study. (IRB Number: IRB-2020-1025 at Purdue University).

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