About Us

The Purdue Psychology Mentorship Program facilitates and provides resources for graduate-to-undergraduate student mentoring relationships. We define mentorship as a relationship between a more advanced student and a student earlier in their academic career, where the advanced student takes the other “under their wing” to share knowledge and support their personal and professional growth. The goal of this program is to work with students of underrepresented and marginalized identities to build networks and gain information about various career paths in the area of psychology. Success in both academic and industry-related fields often depends on who and what one knows, which can be difficult to cultivate for people belonging to groups that face systematic barriers from entering these fields. This program is one step toward fostering inclusivity and equity in the rising generations of psychology scholars, clinicians, and industry leaders. Further, good mentorship and peer support has been shown to promote academic success and bolster positive self-concept for graduate students, especially underrepresented students. We hope that this program will allow for students to connect, find community, and help each other to become successful within psychological sciences.

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is a student-led group that seeks to promote greater inclusion within the psychological sciences area at Purdue University. Our mission is to foster and sustain a community that welcomes and supports people from all social identity groups. Together, we design, plan, and execute various initiatives and programs to foster student success and sense of belonging — for students of all backgrounds and identities. We especially encourage and welcome the participation from students of underrepresented and marginalized identities. To learn more about DEI at the Psychological Sciences department at Purdue, please visit here.

Committee Members

Caroline Balling
Eboni Bradley
Dante Bruno
Layla Dang
Andy Fordyce
Shabeba Islam
Elisabeth (Liz) Noland
Adilene Osnaya
Zhixu (Rick) Yang
Junming Zhang