HHS Office of Undergraduate Research fall expo award recipients

Congratulations to the College of Health and Human Sciences winners of the poster and presentation competitions at the Purdue University Office of Undergraduate Research Fall Undergraduate Research Expo.

Top HHS Posters

1. Anjali Vanamala
  • Research topic: The impact of anorexia nervosa on the gut microbiota
Anjali Vanamala smiles next to her research poster

Anjali Vanamala(Photo provided)

2. Tori Burke
  • Contributing Undergraduate Author: Roma Kamat
  • Mentors: Julia Chester (Psychological Sciences), Soyol Enkh-Amgalan (Psychological Sciences)
  • Research topic: The impact of binge-like alcohol consumption on recognition memory and compulsive-like behavior in aged mice
Tori Burke presents her research poster to one of the judges

Tori Burke(Photo by Tim Brouk)

3. Victoria Patellos
  • Mentors: Kimberly Kinzig (Psychological Sciences), Dan Foti (Psychological Sciences)
  • Research topic: Effects of a ketogenic diet on meal-related hormones and psychological well-being
Victoria Patellos smiles next to her research poster

Victoria Patellos(Photo provided)

Top HHS Research Talks

1. Hurshal Pol
Hurshal Pol presents her research next to a podium

Hurshal Pol(Photo by Tim Brouk)

2. Anthony Bovenschen
  • Mentors: Jae Hong Park (Health Sciences), Subin Han (Health Sciences), Johnathan Klicker-Wiechmann (Health Sciences)
  • Research topic: Analysis of heavy metals in wine using portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
Anthony Bovenschen presents his research in front of a screen

Anthony Bovenschen(Photo by Tim Brouk)

3. Riley Rozniarek
  • Contributing Undergraduate Authors: Anna Hodge and Mallory Schrof
  • Mentors: Brandon Keehn (Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences)
  • Research topic: Effect of social demands on occurrence of repetitive behaviors in children with autism
Riley Rozniarek presents her research next to a podium

Riley Rozniarek(Photo by Tim Brouk)