2023 Barbara H. and Ben R. Edmondson HHS Faculty Development Award

Written By: Denise Buhrmester, buhrmest@purdue.edu

Qinglan “Priscilla” Ding headshot

Qinglan “Priscilla” Ding

Qinglan “Priscilla” Ding, assistant professor in the School of Nursing, is the 2023 recipient of the Barbara H. and Ben R. Edmondson HHS Faculty Development Award.

Presented each year to a College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) faculty member, the award provides $10,000 to be expended over up to two years for purposes related to the faculty member’s own professional development within any of Purdue’s mission areas: discovery, learning and engagement. Funds for the award come from an endowment established by Purdue University alumni Barbara H. (HHS’64) and Ben R. Edmondson (AG’63).

Ding will apply the funds toward costs associated with three areas of training she has identified as key to advancing her work in leading high-quality, independent research in cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. These areas include advanced statistical tools; advanced epidemiology and methodology; and strategic networking, team building and leadership development. She will pursue training in the application of advanced statistical tools by exploring multivariate statistical techniques, such as structural equation modeling, causal analysis and machine learning. To advance her understanding of epidemiology and methodology, Ding plans to develop skills in the design and implementation of observational and experimental studies as well as in the use of epidemiological methods for analyzing complex data. Finally, she plans to grow her knowledge of strategic networking, team building and leadership development to strengthen her professional networks and establish collaborations with researchers in similar fields to facilitate the design and implementation of innovative and interdisciplinary research projects that can attract external funding.

“These are critical areas for addressing current gaps in the health science field and advancing biomedical research that will ultimately benefit individuals of different backgrounds,” Ding said.

With these training goals in mind, Ding seeks to participate in the Harvard Medical School Global Clinical Scholars Research Training program (GCSRT) starting in the fall. GCSRT is a prestigious, one-year certificate program designed to provide advanced training in healthcare research methods for clinicians and clinician-scientists worldwide. The program is structured in a hybrid format, with much of the coursework completed online, allowing participants to work at their own pace and convenience to balance professional and personal responsibilities. Three in-person seminars provide opportunities to network with peers, leading experts and faculty members.

“By participating in this program, I will have the opportunity to learn alongside a talented group of peers from around the world, collaborate on research projects, and gain a deep and enduring understanding of clinical research,” Ding said. “The program’s objectives align with my professional development goals, including enhancing my ability to design and research data, write and revise successful grant proposals, and lead teams across a variety of healthcare settings.”

For more information, please contact Priscilla Ding or Susie Swithers.

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