Student organizations inspire Purdue Health Sciences student to solidify path in medicine

Written By: Kyndal Poore

Kyndal Poore poses for a photo in the Black Cultural Center

Although the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) is where I found my fit at Purdue, it wasn’t where I started. I spent my entire first year in another college as a pre-veterinary student, and during that time, I discovered I just wasn’t interested in veterinary medicine. At the end of that spring semester, I decided to change my major to biomedical health sciences with a pre-medicine concentration in HHS. I knew wanted to be a physician, and biomedical health sciences seemed like the major that catered most to aspiring doctors.  

My involvement in the Caduceus Club and Women of Color in Healthcare Association (WCHA) were prime contributors to my newly discovered sense of belonging. Taking on a leadership role in WCHA has connected me with a large network of minority women going into the healthcare field.

Through monthly meetings, I have had the privilege of hearing about each woman’s journey, and this organization has given me a safe space at Purdue. Caduceus Club allowed me to shadow a physician within IU Health, which helped me reaffirm that I want to pursue medicine. As my academic journey at Purdue continues, I have no doubt that I belong in the College of Health and Human Sciences and that you’ll find your fit too.

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