MARY THAMAN, HE ’49, works part time as a freelance home economist for Chief Supermarkets, which serves northwest Ohio.


HELEN (WALTMAN) PEASLEY, HE ’50, now retired, serves on the board and is the newsletter editor for the Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association.


THOMAS SPEAKER, HK ’63, a retired basketball coach, teacher and small business owner, is the author of The Coach, an uplifting novel about the life path of a basketball player and coach. Speaker weaves history into fiction, even bringing Gene Keady, the legendary Boilermaker coach, into the story.


CAROLE CASTEN, HK ’73, is a professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills. She has published five textbooks and numerous articles on physical education.

RAMONA EMMONS PAUL, HDFS ’76, retired as assistant state superintendent for the Oklahoma State Department of Education. She now serves on the board of the Foundation for Oklahoma Partners for School Readiness.

EDGAR CLODFELTER, PSY ’76, is president of APAS, LLC in Adamant, Vt.

RICHARD GHISELLI, HTM ’76, won a 2010 International Foodservice Manufacturer Association’s Silver Plate Award in the colleges and universities section. The Ivy Award is a coveted award in the food service industry.

KIM (VANDEPUTTE) MILLER, CSR ’77, is the principal at Graphique Inc.

BECKY PIERSON-TREACY, NUR ’79, was elected to the executive committee of the Marion Superior Court as a co-presiding judge.


PATRICIA (FANEUF) JONES, NUR ’80, is a health care management consultant at Milliman in Seattle, Wash. She was also elected to the board of commissioners for case management certification.

DENNIS MARK SOLLENBERGER, HSCI ’81, is a senior health physicist for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

AMY FURRY, CSR ’82, is director of Catalyst Healthcare Advisors.

JAMES HUBER, HDFS ’82, taught an intensive two-week graduate course on family therapy for LaSalle University (Philadelphia) at its affiliate master’s program in clinical-counseling psychology at the University of New York in Prague, Czech Republic.

SALLY SCHNEIDER LOWREY, NUR ’82, is a nursing quality specialist/magnet coordinator at Indiana University Health-Arnett in Lafayette, Ind.

KAREN WEAVER, HK ’83, the athletics director at Penn State Abington, is a much-sought expert on the costs of college sports. She has been featured in USA Today, The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Orlando Sentinel, the Detroit Free Press, and elsewhere.

UNA (CURRY) KILBERG, HTM ’85, is an event planner at the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute.

SHELLY (WILLINGHAM) NELSON, CSR ’85, is the president and chief executive officer of Etc. Financial Consulting in Mesa, Ariz.

PAIGE SHAOVLIN, HTM ’85, is the restaurant manager at Rip’s Country Inn in Bowie, Md.

JULIE HOFMANN-SABLACK, CSR ’86, is a business analyst with Ceridian Corporation in Minneapolis.

LEE ANN IACONETTI FORESMAN, HTM ’86, is a real estate broker at Century 21 Elsner Realty in Dekalb, Ill.

CHRIS RATAY, HTM ’86, is general manager of St. Elmo’s Steak House in Indianapolis.

KRISTIN TODD, NUR ’87, is a senior research scientist at Eli Lilly and Company in Indianapolis.

DAWN ANNE (MICHAELS) BENTSEN, HTM ’88, is the regional sales manager of Advanced Pierre Foods in Oklahoma City. She’s also a certified yoga teacher.


KAREN CALL, NUR ’90, is a registered nurse at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

BART GEYER, HSCI ’90, is an agency industrial hygienist for NASA Occupational Health at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

JILL GOLDSBERRY, HTM ’90, is a multimedia account executive at Hearst Media Services in San Carlos, Calif.

ELIZABETH ANN KENT-MCLAUGHLIN, HTM ’90, is the founder and chief executive officer of Executive Women Forum in Castle Rock, Colo.

TAMMY (POE) SUMMERS, NUR ’91, is the director of medical oncology at the Northwest Medical Center in Tucson, Ariz.

REMI HUECKEL, NUR ’92, is a nurse practitioner in pediatric critical care at Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C.

SONJA NICKELS, CSR ’92, is the clinical coordinator of the department of education for The Children’s Hospital at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver.

DON PEARSON, HSCI ’94, received the Indiana Governor’s Award for Roche Diagnostics Corp.’s health and safety record.

BEN ATKINSON, HSCI ’95, is pursuing freelance business development opportunities in health care.

MELANIE (BENGE) KOCH, NUR ’95, is the clinical director of nursing at the Fort Wayne Allen County Department of Health in Indiana.

JAY LARKIN, HTM ’95, is a technical specialist at Schenectady County Community College in Schenectady, N.Y.

BRADLEY LINCKS, NUR ’95, is vice president and chief nursing officer of Our Lady of Peace Hospital in Louisville, Ky.

CHRISTOPHER SHINNENMAN, HSCI ’95, is an emergency room resident at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

BRENDON QUINN, HSCI ’98, is a vascular surgeon in private practice in Bowling Green, Ky.

MICHELLE HOPKINS-SHAFFER, HTM ’99, is a sales representative at Demarle at Home in Seven Hills, Ohio.


GEOFFREY CAMPBELL, HTM ’00, is the corporate director of rooms for the Greenleaf Hospitality Group in Kalamazoo, Mich.

ISMARIE RODRIGUEZ, CSR ’00, works at Isma Casual Beachwear in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

TERRY MATTHEWS, NUR ’01, is a major in the U.S. Army. She is also the chief of clinical informatics and health care systems analyst at Evans Army Community Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colo.

JULIE (WHITE) ALBERT, NUR ’02, is a women’s health nurse practitioner at Unity Health Systems in Rochester, N.Y.

WENDY HANTELMAN, CSR ’02, is the premium/complex account manager for Frontier Communication in Westfield, Ind.

COURTNEY (CUMMINGS) EDDY, HSCI ’03, is the INSTEP director for the Indiana State Department of Health.

ANDREA ESSIG MEYER, HSCI ’01, MS ’03, received the Indiana Governor’s Award for Roche Diagnostic Corp.’s health and safety record.

JESSICA PIPER, HDFS ’03, is the lead representative in consumer affairs for Jarden Home Brands.

DOUG DING, CSR ’04, is the advisory program manager at IBM, overseeing strategic sourcing implementation at Fortune 500 firms.

AMY MICHELLE (GAMBLE) HARROLD, HDFS ’04, is the volunteer services director for the American Red Cross in Lafayette, Ind.

JEREMY KINSLER, HTM ’04, works in human resources at the University of Notre Dame.

KRISTA (WOODWARD) MURPHY, HTM ’04, is a global account executive at Conference Direct in San Diego. She also serves as vice president on the board of directors for Weddings of Distinction.

KRISTEN (CLARK) SWARTZELL, NUR ’04, works in orthopedics at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. She earned her MSN at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis in 2010.

DAN WILLIAMS, CSR ’04, is an account executive at Centro in Chicago.

CHRISTINE YONKER, HK ’04, is a doctor at Oral Rehabilitation Center in Skokie, Ill.

DONALD KENNEDY, CSR ’05, is the sales manager at Global Enterprise Technologies in Niles, Ill.

ERIN LUNSFORD, HSCI ’05, is a pediatric physical therapist at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Lafayette, Ind.

MAUREEN MILLER, HTM ’05, is the accounting coordinator for enVista in Carmel, Ind.

DEVIN SANDLIN, HSCI ’05, is an emergency room physician at the University of Louisville Medical Center.

ANNA SCHWARTZ, HSCI ’05, is a pediatric physician at Northwestern Hospital in Evanston, Ill.

JUSTIN STEWART, HTM ’05, works for Compass Group North America as director of retail operations at the University of North Carolina.

AMBER TULLY, HTM ’05, works at the Marriott Vacation Club International in Vail, Colo.

CARRIE (LYTLE) ZEMAN, HTM ’05, works for the Courtyard by Marriott in Lafayette, Ind.

LYDIA Y. CHUNG, NUTR ’06, is the quality assurance/quality control coordinator at CJ Foods Inc.

BRIAN DANIELS, HSCI ’06, is completing his residency in family practice in Milwaukee, Wis.

KARA PLUMMER, HTM ’06, is the manager of member experience at the Ritz Carlton Destination Club in Orlando.

JASON PRESSLER, HTM ’06, is an account executive at Mascari Sales and Marketing in Indianapolis.

PATRICK QUINN, HSCI ’06, graduated from dental school and is in private practice in Fort Wayne, Ind.

DAYNA KELSEY, HTM ’07, is the catering manager of the Antlers Hilton in Colorado Springs.

ABBEY MATTSON, HTM ’07, is the area human resource manager for the University Plaza Hotel and the Holiday Inn City Centre, both near Purdue.

ASHLEY PIPER, HTM ’07, is the portfolio manager for The Building Group in Chicago.

SEAN HIMES, HTM ’08, is the manager of Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Café in Gaithersburg, Md.

AARON O’CONNELL, HK ’08, is a model who has appeared in ads for Abercrombie & Fitch and Lucky Brand Jeans, among others.

MAGAN (BEARMAN) WACLAWSKI, FCSE ’08, is a family and consumer science teacher at Campus High School in Haysville, Kan.

LORI WANDZILAK, HTM ’08, is the assistant revenue manager for the Mirage in Las Vegas.

SARAH ANNE BRADBURY, CSR ’09, is a sales associate at Carousel Industries in Windsor, Conn.

CHANTELLE EMBERTON, NUR ’09, is a registered nurse on the flagship transplant team at Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.

SARA MATHAVICH, CSR ’09, is the sales manager for Erharts Catering in San Pedro, Calif.

RITESH RAMAKRISHNAN, CSR ’09, is the managing director for Transworld Group of Companies in Dubai.

AALIYAH TAYLOR, HK ’09, is a sales consultant for Verizon Wireless in Fort Wayne, Ind.

NATHAN VANRADEN, HK ’09, is an athletic trainer for AthletiCo in Oak Brook, Ill.


MEGAN COMERFORD, NUTR ’10, is a clinical study technician at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis.

JENNIFER DING, PSY ’10, is a licensed real estate salesperson at the Mark David Company of New York.

ANNEMARIE HEISE, CSR ’10, works at Enterprise in Minnetonka, Minn.

KYLE RUSSELL, HSCI ’10, works for the Defense Contract Management Agency providing industrial hygiene technical support.

GRANT SOLIVEN, CSR ’10, is a financial consultant at WestPoint Financial in Indianapolis.

Though the department names may have changed through the years, the alumni are listed with the current name. The legend below spells out those departments.

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