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Purdue's renowned "5 Students Who" website has featured an array of young Boilermakers who are making things happen as students. The College of Health and Human Sciences had a healthy representation in 2013 with three students who were Health Makers, as well as an Equality Maker and a Style Maker.

Lydia Lochamire

Lydia Lochamire, now a senior in human development and family studies, balances both lab work and work in an emergency room with her studies. Her goal is to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine.

Eli Mansfield

Eli Mansfield (HK '13) served as an athletic trainer for the men's basketball team in 2013. He hopes he can make a career of sports medicine after continuing his studies in graduate school.

Alberto Oseguera

Alberto Oseguera (HK '13) juggled biology and chemistry courses with the rigors of athletic training. He spent his senior spring working with the boys of summer as the athletic trainer for the men's baseball team. If all goes as planned, he'll finish medical school and work as an orthopedic consultant for a Major League Baseball team.

Martha Burris

Martha Burris (CSR '13), a first-generation college student, spent much of her free time on campus working with the Purdue Student Government as director of diversity and inclusion. Enthusiastic about both her studies and ability to bring people together, her lofty goal is "to change the world." Burris is a technology consultant for Hewlett-Packard in Pontiac, Michigan.

Katie Azzi

Katie Azzi (CSR '13) developed a design style that looks back several decades. The classic fashions of the 1940s, '50s and '60s have inspired her own clothing line, which she showcased in the 2013 Spring Fashion Show. Named outstanding senior for the Department of Consumer Science, and now working as an executive trainee with Von Maur, Azzi has her own designs on success.

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Lydia Lochamire, now a senior in human development and family studies. Eli Mansfield (HK '13) Alberto Oseguera (HK '13) Martha Burris (CSR '13) Katie Azzi (CSR '13)
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