Learn more about the resounding success of Ever True—the largest fundraising initiative in Purdue history.

Why have a campaign?

Campaigns set fundraising priorities and build pride in our institution as our University community comes together to build a better, stronger Purdue. We launched this campaign because Purdue is demonstrating national leadership in offering higher education at the highest proven value—making a college education affordable and accessible to all qualified students. We’re uniquely qualified to build on our historic strengths and address major societal challenges and opportunities, such as the national call to produce more engineers and the need to develop innovative technology, to feed the world, and to produce well-rounded citizens and leaders.

Why Ever True?

The theme springs from the lyrics of “Hail Purdue!” and speaks to the loyalty and commitment our Boilermaker family has long demonstrated. Purdue is ever true to its land-grant mission, always, whatever form that mission takes in any given era. We remain true to our purpose of providing education, research, and outreach opportunities for the benefit of the state, nation, and world. For the Purdue family, the theme speaks to fidelity, connection, and generosity toward a University that, in many cases, gave them a great education and solid start on life.

What was the fundraising goal?

Our goal was to raise $2.019B by June 30, 2019. Specifically:

  • $400M–$500M for student support.
  • $400M–$500M to fund a 50% increase in the number of endowed professorships, headships, and deanships.
  • $400M–$500M to launch the next great era in research excellence at Purdue.
  • $300M–$400M to improve and better utilize Purdue’s physical infrastructure through renovations and new facilities.
  • $300M–$400M in unrestricted funds for special initiatives and innovations.

What were the campaign’s priorities?

1. Place Students First

Students are the heart of the University, and fostering their talent is our highest calling. Our students will grow as leaders and global citizens who enjoy a lifelong relationship with Purdue that equips them for the future's broad, ever-changing challenges and opportunities.

2. Build on Our Strengths

We are determined to increase our investment in areas that have the greatest potential for impact and to explore innovative ways to leverage our historic strengths and foster the highest levels of research excellence.

3. Champion Research and Innovation

Faculty research requires a nimble, state-of-the-art ecosystem that attracts and celebrates creative minds—a fusion of people, resources, facilities, and environment that spurs collaboration across disciplines, expands the boundaries of knowledge, and positions faculty for success.

How does Ever True compare with Purdue’s other capital campaigns?

Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University (2012–2019) is the largest fundraising initiative in the University’s history, raising $2.529B—25% over its $2.019B goal.

  • The Campaign for Purdue (2000–2007) launched with a $1.3B goal and raised $1.7B when it was completed.
  • Launched with a goal of $250M, the Vision 21 Campaign (1989–1994) exceeded that target by raising $322M.
  • The Plan for the ’80s Campaign (1980–1982) was Purdue’s first formal fundraising campaign, with a $34M goal that ultimately raised $44M.

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