Thanks to your support, records were broken, goals exceeded, and Purdue’s reputation for excellence Grew even stronger.

$2.019B GOAL|$2,529,171,911 RAISED

Because of you, Ever True is the largest fundraising effort in Purdue history.

Total Dollars Raised

Total dollars raised


donors participated


first-time donors to Purdue


made gifts of $1K or less

Total Raised by Category

Total raised by category

Campaign goal: double student support.

donors TRIPLED student support through Ever True, giving $501.9M to help our University place students first.

Dollars Raised for Student Support

Dollars raised for student support

Purdue donors gave 1,557,187 total gifts during Ever True, including:

387 gifts of $1M or more
27,378 gifts from students
64,195 gifts from parents and family
166,421 gifts from faculty, staff, and retirees
362,364 gifts from friends who did not attend the University
84,328 gifts made across all six years of Purdue Day of Giving

Purdue Day of Giving

Purdue Day of Giving

We’re in a state of gratitude—69,328 donors across all 92 Indiana counties gave $547,840,423, helping our University build on our strengths.

Number of Donors

Number of Donors

Gifts came in from all 50 states and from 113 countries across the globe. International donors gave $52,864,617 during the campaign. This support helps our University champion research and innovation.

“The Power of the Dream”

The Purdue “All-American” Marching Band performs “The Power of the Dream,” the campaign’s theme song, during Homecoming.