Bioethics - Purdue Lectures in Ethics, Policy, and Science

Upcoming Speakers

Dr. Thomas HertelDr. Thomas Hertel

Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University

September 30, 2015

Dr. Peter CarruthersDr. Peter Carruthers

Professor of Philosophy at University of Maryland

November 18,2015

Dr. Thomas WeberDr. Eric Weber

Associate Professor of Public Policy Leadership at the University of Mississippi

February 10, 2016

Dr. Stephen GardinerDr. Stephen Gardiner

Professor of Philosophy at University of Washington and Ben Rabinowitz Endowed Professor of Human Dimensions of the Environment

February 23, 2016

Dr. Julia BurstenDr. Julia Bursten

Assistant Professor of Philosophy at San Francisco State University

March 23, 2016

Dr. Raymond AnthonyDr. Raymond Anthony

Professor of Philosophy at University of Alaska Anchorage

April 13, 2016

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