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Wayne W. Campbell

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Professor of Nutrition Science

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Ph.D. Tufts University 1993

Research Interests

Our research interests include human nutrition and exercise studies on protein, carbohydrate and energy metabolism, dietary protein and energy requirements, body composition, obesity, weight loss, muscle strength, and muscle function with special emphasis on aging. We are also interested in how nutrition, exercise, and aging impact appetite and ingestive behaviors. Our recent research suggests that older people who habitually consume the Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein experience subtle declines in skeletel muscle size. Thus we seek to find the optimal protein intake for older and elderly people to consume. Our research also focuses on how protein metabolism, body composition, and glucose metabolism change in older people with changes in protein intake, body weight, and exercise (especially strength training). We are also interested in evaluating the effectiveness of compounds that are promoted to have ergogenic properties. The potential importance of the physical form of food (e.g. liquid versus solid) on appetite, ingestive behaviors, energy balance, and body weight control is also of great interest to our research team.

Our research includes the use of traditional metabolic balance techniques (with strict dietary control possible in a metabolic research kitchen), stable isotope infusion techniques (to measure in vivo acid turnover and incorporation into muscle tissues), whole body composition (hydrostatic weighing, plethysmography, dual x-ray absorptiometry, deuterium oxide dilution), the muscle biopsy technique (to obtain small samples of human skeletal muscle), and indirect calorimetry (to measure resting and exercise energy expenditure). We also highly value collaboration within and outside of Purdue to expand our interests, expertise, and research capabilities, as become available.

Teaching Interests

Topics in Nutrition, Fitness, and Health (F&N 488) - Review of current literature in nutrition as it relates to fitness and health with in-depth analysis of obesity. Exploration of career opportunities in nutrition, fitness, and health. Geriatric Nutrition (F&N 580) - Nutritional needs and problems of the aging, community and institutional food programs.


National Institutes of Health
US Whey Consortium
National Pork Board
American Egg Board
United States Department of Agriculture

Selected Publications

Tang, M., Armstrong, C.L.H., Leidy, H.J., Campbell, W.W. (2013) Normal vs. high-protein weight loss diets in men: effects on body composition and indices of metabolic syndrome. Obesity. 21(3):E204-E210. PMID: 23592676.

Kullman, E.L., Campbell, W.W., Krishnan, R.K., Yarasheski, K.E., Evans, W.J., and Kirwan, J.P.. (2013) Age attenuates leucine oxidation after eccentric exercise. Int J Sports Med. [Epub ahead of print].

Goltz, S.R., Sapper, T.N., Failla, M.L., Campbell, W.W., Ferruzzi, M.G. (2013) Carotenoid bioavailability from raw vegetables and a moderate amount of oil in human subjects is greatest when the majority of daily vegetables are consumed at one meal. Nutr Res. 33(5):358-366. (Epub 2013 Apr 23). PMID: 23684437.

Tang, M., Leidy, J.H., Campbell, W.W. (2013) Regional, but not total, body composition changes in overweight and obese adults consuming a higher protein, energy-restricted diet are sex specific. Nutr Res. 33(8):629-635. PMID: 23890352.

Goltz, S.R., Campbell, W.W., Chitchumroonchokchai, C., Failla, M.L., and Ferruzzi, M.G. (2012) Meal triacylglycerol profile modulates postprandial absorption of carotenoids in humans. Mol Nutr Food Res. 6:866-877. PMID 22707262.

Weinheimer, E.M., Conley, T.B., Kobza, V.M., Sands, L.P., Lim, E., and Campbell, W.W. (2012) Whey protein supplementation does not affect exercise training-induced changes in body composition and indices of metabolic syndrome in middle-aged overweight and obese adults. J Nutr. 8:1532-1539. PMID 22718030.

Conley, T.B., McCabe, G.P., Lim, E., Yarasheski, K.E., Johnson, C.A., and Campbell, W.W. (2012) Age and sex affect protein metabolism at protein intakes that span the range of adequacy: comparison of leucine kinetics and nitrogen balance data. J Nutr Biochem. 6 [Epub ahead of print] PMID 22841544

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