Tracking Expenses

Transferring expenses from your envelope to the ‘Tracking Sheet’ will show you how much you are spending on each of the various categories. You will be able to use this information when you develop your spending-savings plan. If you have a receipt from a superstore it may include food purchases as well as cleaning supplies, automotive expenses, and clothes. Be sure to separate those out of the total bill and place each one into the specific categories on your "Tracking Sheet."

If you record your expenses on the tracking sheet, you will have a good idea where your money goes.

Take a few minutes to record your expenses in the appropriate categories on the "Tracking Sheet" to the right from your receipts.  After you enter your numbers, please click the 'calculate' button.

Click here to print "Tracking Sheet" page.

Categories Amounts
Food at Home
Dining Out
Lunch Money
Car Repairs
Item for the Home
Personal Care
Child Care
Lottery / Bingo
Tobacco & Alcohol
Pet Supplies
Hobbies and Recreation
Cleaning Supplies
Gasoline or Bus / Taxi
Money to Kids
Add Your Own Categories and Amounts