Veterinary Practice Financials: Learning Where To Start

By learning key financial principles and techniques, participants in the Veterinary Practice Financials: Learning Where To Start module will be able to evaluate, critique and set sound financial direction for a practice.

Beginning with a review of financial statements, the module will focus on how financial information is analyzed and used by management in decision-making. Key topics include understanding business ratios, cash flow, financial planning, working capital management, debt capacity, capital budgeting and fixed vs. variable costs.

The module will make extensive use of veterinary case studies and illustrations.

Ron Lazer

Professor Ron Lazer

Ron Lazer is a professor at Sha'arei Mishpat Academic Center in Israel, where he co-founded an undergraduate accounting program. He also is a visiting instructor at the Krannert School of Management.

Lazer's teaching interests include corporate financial reporting, financial statement analysis and valuation, management accounting, and strategic cost management. His research interests include financial accounting and reporting, value relevance of accounting information, analyst forecasts and effects of regulation, companies' valuation, and voluntary disclosures. His executive education teaching activities include sessions for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Indiana, Pioneer Hi-Bred International and the Krannert Executive Master's Degree Program.

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