ISF: Psychological Models of Charging Station Selections for Electronic Vehicles DUIRI - Discovery Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Internship Summer 2024 Accepted Psychology, communication, engineering The internship is embedded in an NSF-funded project on Large-scale Planning for Electric Vehicle Public Charging Infrastructure. The internship study aims to test basic assumptions about human cognitive processes underlying drivers' selections of Public Charging Stations (PCS). To identify major attributes and thresholds that users consider when making a PCS selection and explore differences between groups of users, survey studies and experiments are being conducted that ask different groups of PCS users about their preferences. In the planned experiment, participants will be asked to imagine that they are looking for a charging station and to form a variety of choices among possible PCSs and to indicate and rank relevant choice attributes. The behavioral choice data and process variables will be used to describe the cognitive processes that are used by deciders. Torsten O Reimer Juan Pablo Loaiza Ramirez Students will be involved in conducting experiments at the new lab facility of the Brian Lamb School of Communication (see The internship will involve the development of experimental materials, the collection of data, and the use of SPSS. NSF project (;)
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Excellent communication skills are required as students are expected to instruct and interact with human participants in their role of experimenters. Basic SPSS skills are desirable. 0 10 (estimated)

This project is not currently accepting applications.