ISF: Environmental Contamination and Birth Defects in Iraq DUIRI - Discovery Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Internship Summer 2024 Accepted Environmental Health, Anthropology, Epidemiology There is a concerningly high rate of birth defects in the city of Fallujah, Iraq. Fallujah was the site of large-scale military activity during the Gulf War; this caused substantial environmental contamination which is suspected of contributing to the birth defect rate. However, there are other potential causes of birth defects, so this study is attempting to tease out the potential role of the environmental contamination on birth defects. Ellen M Wells Aaron James Specht Assistance is needed with managing and testing samples for contaminants as well as with managing and curating a database developed from anthropological interviews. Students will prepare and present their own analyses based on this research. GPA >=3.0; science background and/or research experience preferred. 3 40 (estimated)

This project is not currently accepting applications.