Preserving Your Language: Native Speakers in Another Linguistic Environment Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Spring 2024 Accepted Languages, Linguistics What happens if native speakers of one language live most of their lives in a different linguistic environment having little or no exposure to their original language? This project aims at tracking some of the most and the least persistent phonetic, semantic and morphological features in the speech of bilingual or multilingual speakers. The project is particularly interested in juxtaposing languages from different language families, e.g., Ossetian (Eastern Iranian language) and Russian (East Slavic language). Olga V Lyanda-Geller The intern will contribute to tracking and documenting the linguistic differences in the speech of Ossetian native speakers living remotely from their original linguistic environment and speaking predominantly Russian. The intern is supposed to focus on the phonetic part of the project. Interest or specialization (preferred) in linguistics, bilingualism and/or language acquisition is required. Familiarity with phonetic transcription is desired. 0 7 (estimated)