Humanities Pedagogy Review Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Spring 2024 Accepted Open This project aims to conduct a scoping review of pedagogical approaches applied in humanities disciplines. A scoping review is a large review of existing literature. The team, consisting of professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students from the College of Liberal Arts, College of Education, and Libraries, will focus on reading and categorizing prior literature in order to draft an article about the findings. Lori A Czerwionka Research assistants will assist in reviewing and coding academic articles to understand the types of pedagogical approaches found in the prior literature. The assistants will form part of an interdisciplinary research group with Professors Lori Czerwionka (Spanish, Linguistics) and Kirsten Davis (Engineering Education), and graduate students as well.
GPA of 3.4 or above, strong organizational skills, ability to skim text to achieve accurate understanding, some familiarity with academic writing is a plus, any major is acceptable. 0 6 (estimated)