Making Us New: From Eugenics to Transhumanism in Modernist Culture Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Spring 2024 Accepted modernist literature and culture; eugenics; transhumanism; intellectual history In spring of 2024 I will start working on the introduction to my current book project, _Making Us New_. This book is about the complexities of eugenic thought in the early 20th century, and about the relationship between eugenics and early transhumanism. Eugenics was the effort to improve human beings through managing breeding--it was deeply harmful to myriad groups of people. Transhumanism was not enacted in policy. It was the effort to improve human beings more radically than what eugenics envisioned, and not just through breeding but through other sorts of interventions such as technology or genetic enhancement. Maren T Linett The intern will search primary and secondary sources for the different ways people define and understand eugenics and transhumanism; they will then write up summaries (I will help train them what to look for and what is most helpful to convey to me) in a shared folder; and we will meet weekly to discuss the research. I'm seeking an intern with curiosity, strong writing and research skills, and an interest in early 20th century culture, eugenics, disability studies, and/or transhumanism. Please note: The Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship (Wilke) program is designed to support Purdue College of Liberal Arts undergraduates. As a result, students without a CLA major or minor may not be considered for this program. 2 6 (estimated)