Changes in Russian Lexicon in Turbulent Times Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Fall 2023 Accepted Russian, Linguistics, History, Political Science During challenging times in the life of any society, language immediately reacts and reflects social, political, and cultural changes. This project aims at tracking changes in modern Russian lexicon in turbulent times, particularly caused by the war conflicts. Olga V Lyanda-Geller Olga V Lyanda-Geller The intern is expected to critically read and analyze modern media materials (news, blogs, podcasts), identifying and collecting linguistic data characterizing changes in the Russian language. The intern will compile lists of terms and idioms currently (re)entering the Russian lexicon, with the aim of aiding strategic analysis of the current situation. 1. Intermediate to advanced Russian is required.
2. Interest in political, social and military sciences is desired.
3. Familiarity with Excel and working with data is a plus.
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