Trans Communities in the Arts Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Fall 2023 Accepted gender studies, music, theater, sociology Transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender-expansive (hereafter, trans) artists have made remarkable strides in creating spaces for musicians who are trans to come together and perform music and theater. Two organizations, Transcend Choir and Trans Entertainment Guild, are two such organizations that have developed performing groups of trans artists that work together in a community to celebrate gender identify through music and musical theater performance. This study is an exploratory study of how performance practices are able to help trans performers better understand their identity, develop community, and perform music and musical theater that empowers them and their community. Christopher P Cayari Christopher P Cayari The undergraduate student will work with the researcher to analyze data, showing them the process of transcription, data "cleaning/scrubbing", coding, and analyzing.

The student will learn about nVivo coding software as well.
Interest in transgender and gender nonconforming and gender non-expansive issues Open to all undergraduate students in CLA majors/minors/certificates Can think analytically about what people are saying in an interview Proofreading skills IRB/ethics training is a benefit (If you do not have IRB CITI certification, the first week will you working on that with guidance of researcher as needed). 1 8 (estimated)