Global Regulation of Big Tech and AI Clarence E. Dammon Dean Academic Year 2023 Accepted AI, Technology, Global governance This project is part of the International Politics and Responsible Tech (iPART) lab at Purdue Political Science. Since 2019, this lab develops original research on the global politics of Big Tech as firms engage in unprecedented "algorithmic governance.” For this project, researchers will help assemble and analyze a Tech Transparency Database that collects existing public-interest reports and disclosures of the 18 largest online platforms (e.g. Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple, TikTok). Swati Srivastava Researcher will analyze corporate reports and disclosures for human rights-related themes. They will also evaluate how artificial intelligence risks appear in Big Tech public-facing documents. Prior experience with a Wilke faculty project required. Political science major or minor desirable. Juniors or Seniors preferable. 0 5 (estimated)