Suing the Government for Money (and Policy Change) Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Fall 2023 Accepted political science, law The United States Court of (Federal) Claims is a little-studied but crucially important federal court. Its primary duty is to resolve money and contract claims made against the national government. In doing so, however, it plays an important role in implementing federal policy; for this reason, it is a frequent site of litigation against government policies. People sue the government in the Court of Federal Claims for a huge variety of reasons, including enforcement of Indigenous peoples’ rights under treaties, reparations for wrongful criminal convictions, natural disaster mitigation actions, management of water rights, enforcement of intellectual property rights (e.g., patent and copyright), and much more. Despite its importance, the work of the Court of Claims has not received the attention it deserves from scholars. The Court of Claims Lab is working to fix that. Once complete, the Court of Claims Database will be publicly available for all to use. Logan R Strother Students will read and code court decisions, and assist in the creation of a database. GPA 3.0 or better, ideally student will have some experience reading court cases. 0 0 (estimated)