Multimedia Approaches for Qualitative Research Dissemination Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Summer 2023 Accepted film and video, social media, music, learning, communications This project will involve a team of creators preparing research about music and social media to be published on multimedia online platforms. While the traditional methods of research dissemination has been text-based in journals and other periodicals, society is shifting to an online and multimedia approach toward getting information to general audiences. Take a semester to help transform the text-based social media and music research of Dr. Cayari and other scholars into exciting and engaging videos. Work with Dr. Cayari on editing journal articles into scripts, planning video presentations, and edit and disseminate works on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter. See attached link for an example of video dissemination of research. Also, for examples of short form and long form videos, see: In Summer 2023, we'll be focusing on transgender identity, learning, and music research. Christopher P Cayari Christopher P Cayari We are seeking up to three students to work in a team. Students who specialize in one or more of the following are highly encouraged to apply: 1) video/sound editing, 2) script creation and writing social media posts, and 3) marketing and dissemination. Video/Sound-focused intern will be primarily responsible for creating and editing audio and video. Script/posting-focused intern will be primarily responsible for translating research data for general audiences and writing social media posts. Marketing-focused intern will be primarily responsible for still images/graphic design, data (tables and figures) presentation, and posting on social media throughout the semester. All interns will engage in brainstorming and have weekly 30-60 minute meetings with the team. Approximately 6 hours (average) a week of individualized work will be required. Video as Music Research Series: Please send prior experience in video/sound editing, proof reading, product marketing, social media, and other skills as appropriate in the "intern contributing" question above. Please share prior work which could include a video or sound file (links are fine) of something you edited/created, a writing sample, and/or image portfolio/website that you created. 0 6 (estimated)