Boilermaker Food Security Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship Program Spring 2024 Accepted Food Security, Critical Food Studies, Anthropology Students on U.S. college campuses face rates of food insecurity that are above national averages. Given this reality, this internship experience will focus on evaluating the lived experience of food insecurity on Purdue’s campus. Interns will work directly with the professor to collect and analyze data on food insecurity and propose solutions for creating a more food-secure campus. Sarah R Renkert Sarah R Renkert Interns participating over two-three semesters (Fall 2023, Spring 2024, Fall 2024) will conduct a (1) literature review, (2) design focus group and interview protocols, (3) conduct interviews and focus groups, (4) conduct participant observation, (5) analyze and present data, and (6) co-author reports and publications. Ideally, interns will participate on this project for two or three semesters. Fall 2023 will be dedicated to the literature review, protocol design, piloting, and initial participant observation. Fall 2023 will focus on data collection. Spring 2024 will be dedicated to research analysis, report writing, presentations, and publications. This project seeks students who are majoring / minoring in anthropology. Experience with ethnographic research is a plus, but it is not necessary. Students will receive training as a part of the internship. Please note: The Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship (Wilke) program is designed to support Purdue College of Liberal Arts undergraduates. As a result, students without a CLA major or minor may not be considered for this program. 0 6 (estimated)