Creating English-Russian Comparative Philosophical and Economical Lexicon Clarence E. Dammon Dean Academic Year 2023 Accepted Philosophy, Russian, Linguistics Reading and understanding Russian philosophy and philosophical literature can be challenging, both in the original and in translation. Part of the challenge is mapping Russian philosophical and literary concepts on Western terminology. This comparative interdisciplinary project aims at creating a bilingual English-Russian philosophical and literary lexicon. It will focus on identifying, explaining, and putting into context various philosophical and literary terms. Our goal is making Russian philosophical and literary texts more open and understandable by wider audiences. Olga V Lyanda-Geller Olga V Lyanda-Geller The intern is supposed to do close reading of selected philosophical texts in English and Russian. The intern will first identify terms that need clarification. Then, the intern will contribute to creating the bilingual lexicon, working towards giving definitions and providing context for selected lexical entries. 1. Demonstrated interest in philosophy, comparative literature, and/or linguistics is desired. 2. Required level of Russian: intermediate or higher. 3. Familiarity with Excel and working with data is a plus. 0 7 (estimated)