American Sign Language (ASL)/English interpreters will be provided for TISLR10. We are pleased to announce the following team of interpreters for the conference:

Sharon Neumann-Solow

Stephanie Adams
Aaron Brace
Patty Lessard
Stacey Storme
Dan Veltri
Patricia Moers-Patterson
Jennifer Kaika
Sarah Blattberg
Jeffrey Hardison
Amy Williamson 
Audrea Ulloa

Pebble Beach, CA, USA

West Lafayette, IN, USA
San Francisco, CA, USA
Fremont, CA, USA
Overland, KS, USA
San Francisco, CA, USA
Annapolis, MD, USA
Washington, DC, USA
Washington, DC, USA
Alexandria, VA, USA
Montpelier, VT, USA
Austin, TX, USA

In addition, we have sought funding to provide a large number of International Sign (IS) interpreters, including Deaf interpreters, for the conference. At this point, we are able to provide a limited number of IS interpreters:

Carol-lee Aquiline        
Julie Armstrong   
Bill Moody  
Gerdinand Wagenaar

Indianapolis, IN, USA      
Knightstown, IN, USA    
New York City, NY, USA  
The Hague, The Netherlands