SCC Virtual Callouts for 2020

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Get to know the business and behind the scenes of the music industry. Students on the committee get a close-up look at the business of presenting concerts. They have an active role in choosing the artists that come to campus. They plan the advertising and publicity for the event and take many responsibilities backstage on the day-of-show. SCC members work to help as runners on show day, transport talent and crew members around town, help catering and dressing room set up, and fill in wherever help is needed. Their responsibilities are an important and integral part of presenting rock concerts at Purdue and intern-like experience for those interested in the music business.

Members are expected to serve a two-year term, the first year as a general member, the second as an officer serving in a leadership capacity. Current members select new members after thorough interviews. Members serve as a conduit for students to express their entertainment desires. You will find many students wanting to give input to the SCC through you as a committee member. And, you will learn how to answer their questions and concerns about how we select entertainment, sell tickets, about our venues, and other important information. Student Concert Committee is a great first step into the music business world. 

PETITIONS ARE DUE BY 11:59 PM, Monday, September 7th

Apply here!

Callouts will be conducted via Zoom on August 27, 31 and September 3 all at 6pm. Find out more here.



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SCC Virtual Callouts for 2020
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