League Of Robotic Engineers (LoRE) serves as a facilitating organization to promote the technological innovation and the representatives of the community of student innovators at Purdue University. LoRE club is a platform for the students at Purdue to learn and exercise the emerging technologies such as Robotics, Machine Learning and IoT through hands-on learning sessions, seminars, and workshops. The club also engages in outreach programs to teach Robotics through workshops for the local community in the Greater Lafayette area, and also extend the outreach programs across the State of Indiana and nationwide.

The club activities for every semester involves conducting hands-on workshops and seminars. The workshop sessions are focused on both basic and advanced level robotics. These sessions are conducted primarily by the graduate students, who have expertise on various topics, with support from undergraduate students. LoRE sessions are great opportunities for the undergraduate students at Purdue University, to build their skills.

LoRE, in collaboration with Robotics Accelerator, brings forward some of the greatest minds at Purdue and across various universities in USA, through the robotics seminar series. These bi-weekly seminars exposes the state-of-the-art research and industrial robotics to the students at Purdue University. The students also get benefit from networking with the speakers and opportunities to work in various fields of robotics.

In addition to the workshop sessions, LoRE acts as a bridge between undergraduates and robotics research labs at Purdue University. LoRE enables undergraduates who have acquired the skills through the sessions, to participate in research in these labs. The workshop sessions are focused on teaching skills and tools necessary for robotics research in labs or industries. Thus, LoRE serves as a platform for undergraduates to acquire highly relevant skills to obtain co-ops and internships.

Finally LoRE organizes summer project sessions, where undergraduates with requisite skills can work on their own projects. They will work as a team to bring to life their ideas, while being mentored by experienced graduate students. LoRE will provide the mentorship and equipment necessary for these projects. As a part of LoRE club, the graduate students also benefit from the workshops sessions, by building teaching and leadership skills, and recruiting undergraduate researchers who can assist their research.

Following is the list of workshops planned for the Spring 2020 semester:

Basic Robotics Track

Session Time Date Location
Intro to Robotics 6:00 - 7:00 PM Feb 20th, 2020 WALC 1087
Build your RoboSoccer Bot 6:30 - 8:30 PMTBD Mar 12th, 2020Mar 26th, 2020 WALC 1087
Intro to Sensors TBD Mar 23rd, 2020 TBD
Autonomous Robotics TBD Apr 8th, 2020 TBD
Autonomous Robotics TBD Apr 22th, 2020 TBD

Advanced Robotics Track

Session Time Date Location
ROS Basics 6:00 - 7:30 PM Feb 19th, 2020 KNOY B031
Robot Control with ROS 6:30 - 7:30 PM Mar 11th, 2020 SC 246
Robot Vision 1 TBD Mar 30th, 2020 TBD
Robot Vision 2 TBD Apr 15th, 2020 TBD

*All the dates, time slots and locations are subjected to change.


Advisor Dr. Richard M. Voyles
President Mythra Varun Balakuntala
Treasurer Shyam Sundar Kannan
Undergrad Coordinator Qinglan Wu
Secretary Abbaraju Praveen
Outreach Officer Sangjun Eom
Public Relations Upinder Kaur

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, (765) 494-4600