To transform the educational experiences of undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering, we will be using an agile strategy approach that has been incubated at Purdue over the last 10 years. Called Strategic Doing, this approach this strategy was specifically designed for open, loosely connected networks. These are situations in which no one can tell anyone else what to do.

Four years ago, Stanford University and VentureWell, under an NSF contract, turn it to Purdue for help in organizing collaborations within engineering departments at 50 universities across three cohorts.

Over the course of three years, a small Purdue team worked with Stanford and VentureWell to train teams at each of these universities. in the course of six hours over two days, these teams develop strategic action plans designed to transform their undergraduate engineering programs by expanding innovation and entrepreneurship education.

At ASEE in June 2016, the Stanford-VentureWell-Purdue team reported the results of their experiment. You can see the results of their work reported in this paper. Today teams at these 50 universities have generated over 400 collaborations. In the video below, Scott Hutcheson from the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab takes you into the workshop of the last cohort of 25 universities.

Strategic Doing@Pathways from Ed Morrison on Vimeo.