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ABE 626 - 2016 Life of a Faculty Entrepreneur©: Discovery, Development, Translation

Instructors: Michael Ladisch and Nathalie Duval-Couetil

Introduce graduate students and faculty mentors to the intellectual, financial, and management processes for translating research into tangible products through university initiated, early-stage commercialization (start-up) activities. Lectures will present case studies of technologies and their different pathways to commercialization.

Goals of lectures are to address:

1. Processes through which research is translated from laboratory to products.

2. A framework for analysis of when and how to launch technologies into a translational pathway.

3. Case studies that illustrate business principles, models of the translation, and commercialization strategies.

Lectures will be given by Professors Ladisch and Duval-Couetil, as well as guests who are experienced entrepreneurs. These lectures will illustrate the startup process and approaches for managing entrepreneurial activities, intellectual property and conflicts of interest in a university environment. Examples of start-ups will include information technology, software analytical instrumentation, biopharmaceutical and biomedical products, biofuels, and bioproducts.

Course materials: Notes and directed readings provided by the instructors and guest lecturers. Papers will be assigned from selected technical and business journals, websites, Harvard Business Review and Wall Street Journal. The course is intended to address the questions involved in launching a university-originated research into a commercial venture and upscale the base innovation or technology.

3.00 credit hours

Course Materials


Lecture Schedule

Week 1 - Change the World: You are not Alone

Weel 2 - Regenerative Medicine: Innovation, Patents, Licensing, Start-up

Week 3 - SpeechVive: Speaking Clearly - New Product for Parkinson Patients

Week 3 Additional Reading: How Apple Can Get Its Growth Back

Faculty Entrepreneur Topics

Reflection Paper Topics

Week 4 - Incubating a New Business in a New Sector: Business Model and the Bigger Picture

Week 5 - Managing IP: Growing University Originated Discovery Into Commercialization

Introduction to Purdue's Office of Technology Commercialization - Hamid Piroozi

Goals for Technology Commercialization - Dongsung Hong

Objectivity in Research and Managing Conflicting Interests - Peter Dunn

Week 6 - Moving Beyond Science and Technology: Market Research

Estimating Markets

Market Research for Faculty Entrepreneurship

Conducting Market Research

Week 7 - Business Models: Introduction and Case Study of Concrete Sealant: On the Road to Success (Soybeans and Concrete)

Week 8 - Venture Capital - When Do You Need or Want it?

Venture Capital - An Introduction

Forms of Capital and Debt (from Kerr & Nanda - see clasasnote pack)

Week 9 - The Road to Building a Biotech Company in the Midwest

ABE 626 - Business Model

Slide Template for 4 min Team Summary

Template for Final Project Presentation

Topics and Teams for Final Projects

March 14 - 19 Spring Break - No Class

Week 10 - Developing Structure for Translating Technology: Business Model and Financing and Agricultural Technology: Ahead of the Curve

Week 11 - Patent Prosecution and Due Diligence

Teams, Topics and Meetings Times for April 1

Market Assessment Guidelines & Examples

Week 12 - Communicating Ideas (class presentations of key concepts for your selected project)

Week 13 - Incubation Within and Outside of the University

Week 14 - Leadership

Rubric for Final Written Presentations

Rubric for Final Oral Presentations

Week 15 - Final Presentations

Required Readings

Marcum, T., and E. Blair, "Entrepreneurial Decisions and Legal Issues in Early VentureStages: Advice That Shouldn't Be Ignored," Business Horizons, 54, 143-152 (2011).

Markman, G. D., P. T. Gianiodis, and P. H. Phan, "Full-time Faculty or Part-time Entrepreneurs," IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 55(1), 29-36 (2008).

Ladisch, M. R., E. Ximenes, A. S. Engelberth, and N. S. Mosier, "Biological Engineering and the Emerging Cellulose Ethanol Industry," CEP, 110(11), 59-62 (2014).

Supplemental Readings

Lowe, R. A., and C. Gonzalez-Brambila, "Faculty Entrepreneurs and Research Productivity," Journal Technology Transfer, 32, 173-194 (2007).

Wood, M. S., "A Process Model of Academic Entrepreneurship, Business Horizons, 54, 153-161 (2011).

Love, B. J., "Do University Patents Pay Off? Evidence From a Survey of University Inventors in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering," Yale Journal of Law and Technology, 16(2), 284-343 (2014).