Modeling the experiences of women in STEM course using a self-determination theory framework

Bonem, E. M., Wang, C., Lott, E. A., Fedesco, H. N., & Levesque-Bristol, […]

Need Satisfaction and Need Dissatisfaction

Wang, C., Hsu, H., Bonem, E. M., Moss, J. D., & Yu, S.


Manuscript […]

Analyzing a Short Version of the Calculus Concept Inventory Using Item Response Theory

Wang, C., Moss, J. D., Wiles, B. C., Li, Q., Lu, Y., Cho, […]

Student perceptions and performance in fully online versus flipped diversity courses: Is there too much distance in distance learning?

Watkins, N. D., Fedesco, H. N., & Marshall, M. (in press)

Journal on Excellence in College Teaching

This […]

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Improving grades in a computer science course: Effects of a theoretically-driven course redesign

Nunes. L. D., & Ravai, G., Erdei, R.


Manuscript submitted for publication.


The way students […]

Reexamining the impact of self-determination theory on learning outcomes in the online learning environment

Hsu, H., Wang, C., & Levesque-Bristol, C.


Manuscript submitted for publication.


Abstract: While various researchers […]

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Applying Self-determination Theory to the College Classroom: A Test of the Integrative Model for Learning and Motivation

Richards, K. A. R., Levesque-Bristol, C., & Zissimopoulous, A., & Wang, C.


Manuscript submitted […]

What you do is less important than how you do it: the effects of learning environment, contact hours and active learning on student outcomes

Bonem, E.M., Fedesco, H. N. & Zissimopoulous, A. N.


Manuscript submitted for publication.


Higher education […]

Using Self-Determination Theory to Model the Effects of Autonomy-Supportive Learning Environments on the Satisfaction of Basic Psychological Needs, Motivation and Learning Outcomes

Levesque-Bristol, C., Bonem, E., Zissimopoulous, A., Wang, C., & Yu, S.


Manuscript submitted for […]

Psychometric examination of the short version of the learning climate questionnaire using item response theory

Yu, S., Traynor, A., & Levesque-Bristol, C.


Motivation and Emotion.

Self-determination theory proposes that autonomy […]