Spotted Bass


Other Common Names:

Kentucky spotted bass and lineside


Scientific Name:

Micropterus punctulatus



Feeds on fish, crayfish, and insects



Prefers large, slow current streams with deep pools



Average length is 10 to 17 inches



Slender, streamlined shape, large mouth that extends slightly past rear margin of eye when closed; greenish sides with dark mottlings and golden-shaded reflections; broad dark stripe along side, but more broken and uneven than on largemouth bass


Photo and text courtesy of:

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Iowa Fish and Fishing by James R. Harlan and Everett B. Speaker with James Mayhew; color illustrations by Maynard F. Reece

Fishes of Wisconsin by George C. Becker

Fishes of Indiana published by Indiana Department of Conservation, Division of Fish and Game (1964)


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