Rock Bass


Other Common Names:

Northern rock bass, redeye, goggle eye, black perch, rock sunfish, redeye bass


Scientific Name:

Ambloplites rupestris



Feeds on crayfish, fish, and insects



Prefers clear gravelly stream near submerged cover such as rocks, ledges, and drift piles



Average length is 6 to 8 inches



Olive colored with brassy reflections and dark mottlings along the sides, whitish breast and belly; 6 spines in anal fin and 12 in the dorsal.


Photo & text courtesy of

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Iowa Fish and Fishing by James R. Harlan and Everett B. Speaker with James Mayhew; color illustrations by Maynard F. Reece

Fishes of Wisconsin by George C. Becker

Fishes of Indiana published by Indiana Department of Conservation, Division of Fish and Game (1964)


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