Northern Hog Sucker


Other Common Names:

Black horse, blue sucker, hogmolley, hognose sucker, black sucker, stoneroller, spotted sucker, riffle sucker, hammerhead sucker, hog mullet, crawl-a-bottom, stone lugger, stone toter, pugamoo


Scientific Name:

Hypentelium nigricans



Average length is 8 inches



Body is mottled brownish with a large, bony head, squarish in cross section with the interspace between the eyes broad and curved inward, this species is the host of the glochidial stage of the elk toe mussel


Photo & Text Courtesy of

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Iowa Fish and Fishing by James R. Harlan and Everett B. Speaker with James Mayhew; color illustrations by Maynard F. Reece

Fishes of Wisconsin by George C. Becker


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