DR. Howard Zelaznik

Department of Health and Kinesiology


Lambert Fieldhouse, Room 205D
(765) 494-5601


PhD, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
MS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
BS, Brooklyn College (CUNY), Brooklyn, NY

Research Interests

Motor control; Movement coordination and timing

DR. Howard Zelaznik

Research description

Professor Zelaznik examines theoretical issues in movement coordination and movement timing. Recently, he has proposed a new framework to explain timing processes in discrete tasks versus continuous tasks. Discrete tasks utilize an explicit, event timing system in which the central nervous system possesses a representation of the timed interval. Continuous tasks, on the other hand, are indirectly timed by the use of emergent timing. In emergent timing the central nervous system controls other variables of the movement trajectory, with the temporal properties emerging from this control process. These processes are studied in normal individuals (Purdue work) and in individuals with a compromised cerebellum (UC Berkeley collaboration).

Current Students

Han Eol Kim (Health and Kinesiology)
Expected Degree: PhD

Past Students

Breanna Studenka (PhD – 2008)
Dissertation: Error Correction Timing Behavior in Tapping and Circle Drawing
Assistant Professor, Utah State University