Current Students

Chuyi Cui (PhD)

Chuyi Cui

Advisers: Shirley Rietdyk & Satya Ambike
Expected Degree: PhD 

Chuyi received a BS from Beijing Sport University and her MS from Indiana University. Chuyi is pursuing her PhD with Dr. Rietdyk with a minor in Gerontology. Chuyi started at Purdue in 2016 and her research areas are gait and aging.


Ashwini Kulkarni

Advisers: Satya Ambike & Shirley Rietdyk
Expected Degree: PhD 

Ashwini received her Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy from India, and her Master's degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Biomechanics from Texas A&M University. Her research focused on the relationship between lower-limb and trunk muscle activity and the serve velocity in tennis players.

Ashwini joined Purdue in 2018 and is currently pursuing her PhD with Dr. Satyajit Ambike and Dr. Shirley Rietdyk. She is keen to combine her clinical skills with her research interests and focus on fall prevention in elderly populations.

Anvesh S Naik

Anvesh Naik

Adviser: Satya Ambike
Expected Degree: PhD 

Anvesh received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mumbai, and his Master of Technology degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. During his M.Tech, Anvesh worked on the development of a portable, powered exoskeleton to assist the ankle-joint movement during gait.

Anvesh is pursuing his PhD with Dr. Ambike. He is interested in developing assistive devices to aid human movements. Toward that end, he aims to get an in-depth understanding of the mechanics and neural control of human movement.


Paige Thompson

Adviser: Laura Claxton
Expected Degree: PhD 

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Youngstown State University and my Master’s degree at Purdue University with Dr. Ambike and Dr. Claxton. My MS research was focused on changes in stability in manual function in young adults.

I am currently pursuing my PhD at Purdue with Dr. Claxton.