The ELM Curriculum has been implemented throughout the United States Air Force Child Development Program System.

The Ben and Maxine Miller Laboratory School in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Purdue University serves as an ELM demonstration site under the direction of Elizabeth Schlesinger-Devlin. The lab school initiated the ELM curriculum in the three preschool classrooms in August 2019, and later introduced ELM to the infant/toddler classes in January 2020. The implementation of ELM in the laboratory school has provided opportunities for collaboration, instruction, and continuity with pre-service teachers, undergraduate practicum students, faculty, staff, families, and children.


“I have seen significant change in how our teachers are engaged with children and owning the teaching role.” Administrator who adopted ELM in their center

"Challenging behaviors were reduced just within the first two weeks." ELM teacher

A parent shared that her child was rushing her to get to school so she didn't miss her ELM lesson! ELM teacher