HHS Extension Funding Initiatives:

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HHS Extension general program areas


The missions of the Food specialty is to help consumers better understand and evaluate nutrition and food safety information. With the continued need for Health and Human Sciences education, the Extension Educator becomes a vital link in the community, providing information and educational programming at the point-of-need to enhance lives, homes, and communities. Learn more about the Food program area.


The mission of the Extension Human Development specialty is to maximize the psychological, social, physical, and emotional well-being of Indiana residents. Extension Human Development provides non-formal educational opportunities that increase knowledge, influence attitudes, teach skills, inspire aspirations, and encourage behavior changes in the areas of aging, parenting, relationships, violence prevention and school readiness. Learn more about the Family program area.


The mission of the Extension Family Resource Management specialty is to maximize household resources through science based research, education and curriculum development. Our Extension Educator team provides science based resource management content to children, youth and adults through programs directed specifically to their needs. Learn more about the Money program area.


The mission of the Health specialty is to provide effective community health education programs in Indiana communities. Health programs focus on health promotion and wellness across the lifecycle. Learn more about the Health program area.

Traveling Exhibits

Partnering with the Purdue Agricultural Exhibit Design Center (EDC) research is combined with fun, interactive, informative, and hands-on features to create museum-quality exhibits that bring cutting-edge science and technology to life for audiences of all ages. Thousands of children and adults experience our exhibits at the Indiana State Fair. Many more experience them at museums, science centers, and other venues. To date we have created The Bone Zone Carnival of Healthy Choices, that emphasizes the importance of calcium in our daily diets and is the most popular rental exhibit in the EDC's rental roster, and To My Plate and Beyond, highlighting the recently released food guidance system from the USDA. The Bone Zone was made possible by The Dairy & Nutrition Council of Indiana and My Plate was funded by the American Dairy Association and Indiana’s Dairy Farm Families.

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