Homework assignments

Homework 01 H.1.A/B

Homework 02 H.1.C/D

Homework 03 H.1.E/F

Homework 04 H.1.G/H

Homework 05 H.1.I/J

Homework 06 H.2.A/B

Homework 07 H.2.C/D

Homework 08 H.2.E/F

Homework 09 H.2.G/H

Homework 10 H.2.I/J

Homework 11 H.3.A/B

Homework 12 H.3.C/D

Homework 13 H.3.E/F

Homework 14 H.3.G/H

Homework 15 H.4.A/B

Homework 16 H.4.C/D

Homework 17 H.4.E/F

Homework 18 H.4.G/H

Homework 19 H.4.I/J

Homework 20 H.4.K/L

Homework 21 H.4.M/N

Homework 22 H.4.O/P

Homework 23 H.4.Q/R

Homework 24 H.4.S/T

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  1. Hello,

    On HW2G, I struggled to get the correct location of the instant center. Apparently, sin and cos of theta factor in to it. Can anyone walk me through how to find the IC in this problem?

    1. No because the theta doesn't matter. all you need is to find the scalars of the forces. I advise that you make your x axis and y axis parallel and perpendicular to the bar respectively.

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