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Bibliography in Astrophysics

Publications (1973-2007)
Year Title and Authors Publisher Category
1973 A Rapid Change in the Low Energy Cut-Off of Scorpius X-l(w/ W. Moore and G. Garmire 13th Annual International Cosmic Ray Conference, Denver, CO p. 56 Proceedings
1975 The Isotropy and Energy Distribution of the Diffuse X-Ray Sky (w/ P. Agrawal and G. Garmire)   NASA Final Technical Report NGR 05-002-296 Technical Report
1978 A Search for Periodic Variations in the X-Ray Flux from the Galactic Center (w/ G. Garmire and W. Lewin)   NASA NSG 5197 Technical Report
1979 Optical Pulsations from 4U0900-40: Do They Exist?(w/ J. Nelson and J. Middleditch)   Astrophys. J., 229, 294 Journal Article
1979 Discovery of X-Ray Emission from Two Southern Supernova Remnants (w/ I. Tuohy, K. Mason, D. Clark, P. Charles Walter, and G. Garmire) Astrophys. J. (Letters), 230, L27 Journal Article
1979 A Search for Coronal Soft X-Ray Emission from Cool Stars with HEAO-1 (w/ T. Ayres, J. Linsky, G. Garmire) Astrophys. J. (Letters), 232, L117 Journal Article
1979 The HEAO-A2 Survey of Cataclysmic Variable Stars: EX Hydrae during Optical Quiescence (w/ G. Riegler)   Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 188, 103 Journal Article
1979 A Search for X-Ray Pulsations from the Galactic Center (w/ G. Garmire and W. Lewin) Nature, 278, 529 Journal Article
1979 Soft X-Ray Emission from the Vicinity of the Dwarf Nova AY Lyrae (w/ G. Garmire) Nature, 279, 782 Journal Article
1979 HEAO 1 Observations of Dwarf Novae (w/ K. Mason and J. Swank) in COSPAR X-Ray Astronomy, ed. W. A. Baity and L.E.< Peterson (Pergamon Press Oxford and New York), p. 121 Proceedings
1979 Analysis of the Soft X-Ray Pulsations of Dwarf Novae, in White Dwarfs and Variable Degenerate Stars, I.A.U. Colloquium No. 53, eds. H. M. Van Horn and V. Weidemann (Univ. of Rochester),p. 398 Proceedings
1979 Highlights from the HEAO-1 Survey of Cataclysmic Variable Stars AAVSO Journal Article, 7, 57 Magazine Article
1979 "Soft X-Ray Observations of Cataclysmic Variable Stars" White Dwarfs and Variable Degenerated Stars, Proceedings of IAU Colloquium 53, Rochester, NY, eds. H.M. van Horn and V. Weidemann, University of Rochester Proceedings
1980 "X-Ray Halo around Su-Ursae" (Cordova, F.A., Mason, K.O.) Sky and Telescopy vol. 60, p. 482 Magazine Article
1980 Soft X-Ray Pulsations from SS Cygni, (w/ T. Chester, I. Tuohy and G. Garmire) Astrophys. J., 235, 163 Journal Article
1980 The HEAO-A2 Survey of Soft X-Ray Emission from Dwarf Novae in Outburst (w/ J. Nugent., S. Klein and G. Garmire) Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 190, 87 Journal Article
1980 A Soft X-Ray Halo Around SU UMa   (w/ K. Mason) Nature, 287, 25 Journal Article
1980 AM Her: Simultaneous X-Ray, Optical, and Near IR-Coverage (w/ P. Szkody, I. Tuohy, H. Stockman, J. Angel and W. Wisniewski) Astrophys. J., 241, 1070 Journal Article
1980 Two Fast Soft X-Ray Transients at High Galactic Latitude   (w/ J. Nousek and G. Garmire) Astrophys. J., 242,
Journal Article
1981 X-Ray Observations of Selected Cataclysmic Variable Stars Using the Einstein Observatory (w/ K. Mason and J. Nelson) Astrophys. J., 245, 609 Journal Article
1981 The HEAO-1 Soft X-Ray Survey of Cataclysmic Variable Stars   (w/ K. Jensen and J. Nugent) Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc.,
196, 1
Journal Article
1982 Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry of 2A1822-371: A Bulge on the Accretion Disk   (w/ K. Mason) Astrophys. J.,
255, 603
Journal Article
1982 The Colors of the Pulsation and Flickering of SY Cancri during Outburst (w/ J. Middleditch) Astrophys. J., 255, 585 Journal Article
1982 High Velocity Winds from a Dwarf Nova During Outburst(w/ K. Mason) Astrophys. J., 260, 716 Journal Article
1982 Satellite Observations of Cataclysmic Variable Stars(w/ K. Mason, K) Sky and Telescope, Vol. 63, p. 25 Magazine Article
1982 Infrared Photometry of the X-Ray Binary 2A1822-371: A Model for the Ultraviolet, Optical, and Infrared Light Curves(w/ K. Mason) Astrophys. J., 262, 253 Journal Article
1982 Cataclysmic Variable Stars from X-Ray Infrared Wavelengths: Recent Results on the Continuum Distribution (w/ K. Mason) Report of I.A.U. Commission No. 27 on Variable
Stars, ed. D. Fernie, in I.A.U. Transactions, Vol. XVIIIA, Part II,
"Reports on Astronomy 1982," ed. P. A. Wayman (Reidel Publ. Co.,
Dordrecht, Holland), p. 289
1982 Short Timescale Variability in Cataclysmic Binaries  (w/ K. Mason) Proceedings in Classical and Cataclysmic
Variable Stars, JILA Report (Univ. of Boulder Press), p. 23
1983 Accreting Degenerate Dwarfs in Close Binary Systems  (w/ K. Mason) Stellar Driven Accreting X-Ray Sources, eds. W. H.
G. Lewin and E.P.J.P. van den Heuvel (Cambridge University Press), p. 147
1983 EINSTEIN X-ray Observations of Cataclysmic (w/ K. Mason) Variables    Advances in Space Exploration, 2, 109 Proceedings
1983 Optical Identification of the X-Ray Source E1405-451: A 101.5 Minute Binary System with Extremely Rapid Quasi- Periodic Variability (w/ K. Mason, J.   Middleditch, K. Jensen, G. Reichert, P. Murdin, D. Clark and S. Bowyer) Astrophys. J., 264, 575 Journal Article
1983 Time-resolved Ultraviolet and Optical Spectroscopy of the Pulsating X-Ray Source H2252-035 (w/ K. Mason, E. Fenimore and J. Middleditch) Astrophys. J., 265, 363 Journal Article
1983 The Correlated X-ray and Optical Time Variability of TT Arietis (w/ K. Jensen, J. Middleditch, K. Mason, A. Grauer, K. Horne and R. Gomer) Astrophys. J., 270, 211 Journal Article
1983 A Radio Survey of Cataclysmic Variable Stars Using the VLA   (w/ K. Mason and R. Hjellming) Publ. Astr. Society of the Pacific, 95, 69 Journal Article
1983 Identification of the Soft X-ray Source H1011-47: A New Magnetic Variable (w/ K. Mason, J. Middleditch, G. Reichert,S. Bowyer, P. Murdin and D. Clark) Publ. Astr. Society of the Pacific, 95, 370 Journal Article
1984 EXOSAT: Europe's New X-ray Astronomy Satellite(w/ K. Mason) Sky and Telescope, Vol. 67, p. 397 Magazine Article
1984 Observations of Quasicoherent Soft X-Ray Oscillations in U Geminorum and SS Cygni (w/ T. Chester, K. Mason, S. Kahn and G. Garmire) Astrophys. J., 278, 739 Journal Article
1984 X-ray Observations of a Large Sample of Cataclysmic Variable Stars Using the Einstein Observatory (w/ K. Mason)
Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 206, 879 Journal Article
1984 Multifrequency Observations of the BL Lacertae Objects OQ 530 and ON 325 (w/ D.M. Worrall, J.J. Puschell, F.C. Bruhweiler, M.L. Sitko, W.A. Stein, M.F. Aller, P.E. Hodge, R.J. Rudy, H.R. Miller, W. Z. Wisniewski and K.O. Mason) Astrophys. J.,
284, 512
Journal Article
1984 Optical Spectroscopy and Photometry of the Periodic X-ray Transient A0538-66 (X0535-668) During an Outburst and An Off State (w/ R. Corbet, K. Mason and G. Branduardi-Raymont) Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 212, 565 Journal Article
1984 High Velocity Winds in Close Binaries with Accretion Disks: The View Along the Plane of The Disk (w/ K. Mason) Astrophys. J., 290, 671 Journal Article
1984 EXOSAT Soft X-ray Observations of EX Hydrae   (w/ K. Mason and S. Kahn) Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 212, 447 Journal Article
1984 Observations of Cataclysmic Variable Star Winds, Future of Ultraviolet Astronomy Based on Six Years of IUE Research(w/ K. Mason) NASA CP-2349, eds. Mead, J.M., Chapman, R.D. and Kondo, Y., p. 377 Proceedings
1985 X-ray emission and the Winds of Cataclysmic Variable Stars Japan/U.S. Seminar on Galactic and
Extragalactic Compact X-ray Sources, eds.I. Tanaka and W.H.G.L. Lewin, (ISAS: Japan),p. 119
1985 An Imaging Optical/Ultraviolet Monitor for X-ray Astronomy Observatories (w/ K. Mason, W. Priedhorsky, B. Margon andJ. Hutchings) Astrophysics and Space Sciences, 111, 265 Journal Article
1985 An EXOSAT Observation of the Peculiar X-ray Binary 2S 0921-630 During Optical Eclipse   (w/ K. Mason, et al.) Proc. of the 18th ESLAB Symposium on X-ray Astronomy,ed. A. Peacock(D. Reidel: Holland), in press Proceedings
1986 Simultaneous X-ray and Infrared Observations of Cygnus X-3(w/ K. Mason and N.E. White) Astrophys. J., 309, 700 Journal Article
1986 Exosat Observations of Two Gamma-ray Burst Sources(w/ M. Boer, et al.) Adv. Space Res., Vol. 6, pp. 65-68 Journal Article
1986 The Winds in Cataclysmic Variable Stars(w/ E.F. Ladd and K. Mason) Los Alamos Conference on
Magnetospheric Phenomena in Astrophysics, eds. R.I. Epstein and
W.C. Feldman,   (Am. Inst. of Physics), p. 250
1986 The Promise of High Resolution UV Spectroscopy for Understanding the Winds of Cataclysmic Variable Stars in The Physics of Accretion onto Compact Objects, eds. K. Mason,M. Watson, and N.E. White (Springer-Verlag), p.339 Proceedings
1986 The X-ray Universe book review in Sky
and Telescope, Vol 70, p. 442
Magazine Article
1986 Cygnus X-3 and the Case for Multifrequency, Simultaneous Observations Los Alamos Science, Spring 1986, p 38 Magazine Article
1987 Intense Soft X-rays from RS Ophiuchi During the 1985 Outburst   (w/ K. Mason,   M.F. Bode and P. Barr) in RS Ophiuchi (1985) and the Recurrent Nova Phenomenon, ed. M.F. Bode, (VNU
Science Press), p.167
1987 Observation of a Partial X-ray Eclipse in the Long-Period
Low-Mass X-ray Binary 2S 0921-630 (w/ K. Mason, G. Branduardi-Raymont and R.H.D. Corbet)
Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 226, 423 Journal Article
1987 Time-resolved Optical Spectroscopy of the Eclipsing Intermediate Polar EX Hydrae (w/ C. Hellier, K. Mason and S.R. Rosen) Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 228, 463 Journal Article
1987 Phase-resolved Spectroscopy of the AM Her System E1405-451 (w/ S.R. Rosen and K. Mason) Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 224, 987 Journal Article
1987 Accretion onto Compact Stars in Binary Systems (w/ I. Howarth) Exploring the Universe with the IUE Satellite,
eds. Y. Kondo, et al., (D. Reidel Publ. Co.; Dordrecht), p.395
1987 Multiwavelength Observing Today in Multiwavelength Astrophysics (editor F. Cordova) Cambridge Univ. Press, p. 37 Book Chapter
1988 EXOSAT X-ray Observations of the Eclipsing Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable EX Hya (w/ S.R. Rosen & K.O. Mason) MNRAS 231, 549 Journal Article
1988 The Discovery of Orbital Dips in the Soft X-ray Emission of U Gem during an Outburst (w/ K.O. Mason, M.G. Watson, & A.R. King) MNRAS 232, 779 Journal Article
1988 Interstellar Absorption Lines in High-resolution IUE Spectra of Cataclysmic Variables (w/ C. Mauche & J. Raymond) Ap. J. 335, 829 Journal Article
1988 Transient Radio Emission from the X-ray Nova GS 2000+25 (w/ R.M. Hjellming, T.A. Calovini & X. Hong Han) Ap. J. Letters 335, L75 Journal Article
1988 Soft X-ray Emission from PSR 0656+14 (w/ R.M. Hjellming, K.O. Mason, & J. Middleditch) Ap. J. 345, 451 Journal Article
1998 Multiwavelength Astrophysics (editor F. Cordova) Cambridge Univ. Press Book Edited
1988 The Eight Meter Spectroscopic Survey Telescope. (editor F. Cordova) Penn State University Book Edited
1990 Radio Observations of the X-ray Binary Cygnus X-2 (w/ R.M. Hjellming, X-H. Han & G. Hasinger) Astron. Astrophys. 235, 147 Journal Article
1990 The Proper Motion of the Soft X-ray Emitting Radio Pulsar PSR 0656+14 (w/ R.J. Thompson, R.M. Hjellming & E.B. Fomalont) Ap. J. Letters 366, L83 Journal Article
1990 Ultrasoft Components in X-ray Selected AGN (w/ J. Kartje) in Proc. 23rdESLAB Symposium on Two-Topics in X-ray Astronomy and Gravitation, (ed. by N. Ashby, D. Bartlett and W. Wyss) ESA SP-296 p. 843 Proceedings
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1990 A Short History of the CV Workshops in Accretion Powered Compact Binaries, ed. by C. Mauche Cambridge Univ. Press, p. 1 Proceedings
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1991 Exploring the Universe at all Wavelengths, Guest Editorial in The Dynamic Universe, 4thEdition, by T. Snow West Pub. Co.p. 159 Textbook Article
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1992 Towards a Complete Sample of Ultrasoft X-ray Emitting AGN (w/ R.J. Thompson) in Proc. of the 2ndAnnual Astrophysics Conference in Maryland:   Testing the AGN Paradigm, ed. by S.S. Holt, S.G. Neff & C.M. Urry AIP Press, p. 200 Woodbury, NY Proceedings
1993 MultiWaveLink:   An Interactive Database for the Coordination of Multiwavelength and Multifacility Observations in Proc. of COSPAR/World Space Congress COSPAR Washington, DC Proceedings
1993 The Spectroscopic Survey Telescope (w/ L.W. Ramsey) in Sky Surveys:   Protostars to Protogalaxies, ed. by E.T. Soifer ASP Conf. Series 43, 233 Proceedings
1993 AXAF and XMM:   X-ray Telescopes for the 21stCentury (w/ G.P. Garmire) in Sky Surveys:   Protostars to Protogalaxies, ed. by E.T. Soifer ASP Conf. Series 43, 283 Proceedings
1993 ROSAT HRI Observations of PSR 0656+14 (w/ S. Anderson, G. Pavlov, C. Robinson, & R. Thompson) Astrophys. J. 414, 867 Journal Article
1993 The Optical /UV Monitor Telescope on the X-ray Multi-Mirror Observatory (w/ K.O. Mason, M.S. Cropper, J.L.A. Fordham, D. Leisawitz, D. Lumb, C. Ho, E. Antonello & C. Jamar) SPIE 1945, 152 Proceedings
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1994 Revised Proper-Motion Results for the Soft X-ray-Emitting Radio Pulsar PSR 0656+14 (w/ R. Thompson) Astrophys. J. 421, L13 Journal Article
1994 A Statistical Analysis of the Broadband 0.1 to 3.5 keV Spectral Properties of X-ray Selected Active Galactic Nuclei (w/ R. Thompson) Astrophys. J. 434, 54 Journal Article
1994 The X-ray Behavior of Two CVs:   DP Leo and TT Ari (w C.R. Robinson) for Interacting Binaries, ed. by A.W. Shafter ASP Conf. Series 56, 146 Proceedings
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1995 Eclipse Observations of an Accretion Disk Wind (w/ K. Mason, J. Drew, K. Horne, R. Hilditch, C. Knigge, T. Lanz & T. Meylan) MNRAS 274, 271 Journal Article
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